Update 2.6 - New Shoot Mechanics

New Shooting Features

In version 2.6 the game shooting mechanics will be upgraded with two additional features.

Shooting Through Obstacles

Many players have faced the situation where you shoot at an enemy behind a shaky fence with a 183 mm shell, but it only destroys the fence without leaving a single scratch on the enemy’s armour. Starting with the new version, shells will now continue moving through the destroyed object to restore justice, but their penetration potential will be reduced.

  •        Only armour-piercing and armour-piercing composite rigid shells can shoot through obstacles. High-explosive and high-explosive anti-tank shells explode after hitting a target, so they cannot continue their flight path.
  •        Penetration potential lost after hitting an obstacle depends on its size and durability. For example, a wooden box will reduce shell penetration potential to a lesser extent than a car. However, shell damage potential remains unchanged.
  •        Shells can penetrate several targets at the same time. In this case, penetration potential is reduced with each destroyed object.

Dangerous Ricochet

The second update that should be considered when shooting or simply staying near allies, is full-featured ricochets. Currently, the mechanics are simple: a shell disappears after ricocheting off the armour. After the release of version 2.6, a ricocheted shell will continue moving, and will be able to penetrate obstacles and hit another tank.

Necessary Conditions

Firstly, for the shell to ricochet off the armour, an impact angle should be at least 70° for AP and APCR shells, and at least 85° for HEAT shells. HE shells do not ricochet.

Secondly, if the shell caliber exceeds three times the armour thickness, no ricochet will happen regardless of the impact angle.

Finally, ricocheting off external modules (like suspension, observation devices and guns) is impossible, regardless of the impact angle.

How It Works

After ricocheting off a tank, the shell continues its flight path. Penetration decreases by 25%, however, it retains its damage potential, and can strike the same or another vehicle. However, this shell cannot ricochet again. The new rules for shooting through objects are also applied to this shell.

Don’t forget about these new mechanics and consider them when positioning your vehicle on the battlefield!