Update 2.8 - USSR Tank Destroyers

Tank Commanders,

Anything that moves within the sniping range of a Tank Destroyer is lucky to be alive. Tank Destroyers live up to their names and are experts at turning enemies into instant scrap metal. If you know how best to command Tank Destroyers, here are some new vehicles for you to research.


New Data: Soviet Tank Destroyers

Tier VII: SU-100M1

The best part of it is its gun. It will be capable of crippling even Tier VIII vehicles once fully-researched. If you need to rely on defence strategies, its profile is small enough to hide behind short structures and natural terrain. Another nice feature the SU-100M1 has is a speed that can rush in for the kill when ambushing lone enemy tanks.

Tier VIII: SU-101

Moving up one tier, improvements you can see on this Tier VIII vehicle includes slightly better armour and speed. A slight increase in aim-time prepares you for the time required to get a good shot when using its Tier X counterpart.

Although the vehicle starts off with a Tier VII gun, it has access to one nasty Tier X gun when fully researched. Just imagine the fun things you can do with a Tier X gun on a Tier VIII vehicle!

Tier IX: SU-122-54 

Just a tier shy from the Tier X! At Tier IX, this Soviet Tank Destroyer has a slightly improved rate of fire which improves its firepower. It still has good mobility. The same strategy used while playing its lower-tiered family can still be used. Use the opportunity to sharpen your defence techniques on this tank (avoiding hits from the sides, rear, and top). You will need the best of your skills to survive battles on the Tier X.


Tier X: Оbject 263

For reaching the top of the Tank Destroyer branch of the USSR Tech Tree, you are now rewarded with a gun that has a very high rate of fire and good accuracy. And also the privilege to fight with more glorious tanks from the highest tiers. Do not let anything get behind you, and be very wary of enemies that are above you.

The Object 263 is made for speed - so get rid of your enemies before they get rid of you.