Update 2.9 - Black Goldville Map Changes

Tank Commanders,

Black Goldville will be facing some changes in Update 2.9. This desert settlement isn't hard to understand. In fact, its lack of elevation makes it a very easy battle ground to navigate. Even for newbies. To make the map more enjoyable, a few changes will be introduced.


Before and After

  1. The tripod area and the field are the main line for medium tanks. The area is characterised by minor elevation differences, small cover points and bushes allowing for initial spotting of the enemy team actions
  2. Spawn point of Team 2 disposes a tank destroyer area (ineffective but rather safe)
  3. Central area is a minor passage, though quite important for further battle dynamics. There are quite few cover points in this area.  
  4. Spawn point of Team 1: see point 2
  5. The Oil plant is a major heavy tank line

New Guiding Landmarks

Race or fight your way to these new places. They can make or break your victory:

  • Central building in the oil plant
  • Stone arch to the west of the map
  • Water tower up north

Not too sure where to go? Follow the roads. They will lead you to a battle somewhere.

Strategy: Position Yourself for Success

Here are some suggested tactics you can use. Battles rarely go according to plan, so feel free to improvise along the way.

Medium Tanks (white)

Confrontations that Medium tanks encounter are usually expected in the tripod” area (the main landmark), but the central area will become the main battle arena. There will also be confrontations on the field for the initial spotting and for the field takeover. 

The initial attack can go several ways:

  • Move up the spawn direction and meet the enemy under or near the “tripod”
  • Initially spot enemy team members from the field area—positions of both spawns (marked with white dotted lines with arrows in the field area on the screenshot)
  • Turn and move through the central part of the map and either spot enemy heavy tanks and tank destroyers or occupy the central part of the map and take advantage of extra shoot through positions
  • Make a fast maneuver and move to the heavy tank line at the oil plant through the highway (rare case; not marked on the screenshot)

When winning in their own area, medium tanks gain extra advantage over the enemy allowing them to:

  • Move to the enemy’s rear through the enemy spawn points
  • Spot tank destroyers standing on the tank destroyer line near the spawn points or going to support their allies or occupy positions
  • Win over the field and the central zone 
  • Move over the highway to the enemy heavy tank line, attack a flank and support allied heavy tanks
  • Move through the central way entering the oil plant and attack from there

Heavy Tanks (blue)

The main heavy tank clash is expected in the oil plant area. The battle may concentrate either in the center of the plant (in front of the central building or behind it), or somewhere close to the red line. However, very intensive battles may occur across the whole map (now that it's not very comfortable to fight under the “tripod”). Heavy tanks of both teams start close to their lines allowing for typical heavy tank battling:  good covers defending from side and hull hits; initial enemy spot gives the advantage of the first shot until a certain moment ( if the area is breached by three or six enemy vehicles).

There are several options for the initial attack:

  • Take the positions on the oil plant territory and wait for the spotters going behind the central building to do their job
  • Move behind the central oil plant building or to the stones near the red line. In this case, you have a chance to receive some damage.
  • Move through the first line of the oil plant buildings (towards the flag), which is quite dangerous, or along the train towards the enemy territory. If the direction is occupied by heavy tanks or tank destroyers, you’ll have to destroy them.
  • Move to the medium tank line. This option is difficult, but may be quite effective. To get there, you’ll have to turn around and go a long distance with considerable elevation differences.

When winning in their own area, heavy tanks gain several extra advantages allowing them to: 

  • Start base capture
  • Effectively occupy positions in the town
  • Help the allied medium tanks on their line through the center or a flank that was won over from the enemy
  • Go back to the heavy tank area to meet the enemy tanks that breached the direction

Tank Destroyers (yellow)

There are several tank destroyer positions on the map, where they can support their allies, but it would be less effective if compared to going to different directions together with the main forces. The positions are marked on the map and fulfill conditions of standard tank destroyer positions.