Update 2.9 - Training Rooms

Tank Commanders,

Thanks to your feedback, the Training Room is now becoming a reality in World of Tanks Blitz. And it will be rolling out in Update 2.9.


This is what you can do in a Training Room:

  • Name your own Training Room, add a description, and choose a map.
  • View and search list of Training Rooms available.
  • Display the controls type (i.e keyboard or tablet).
  • Check profiles of players in the Training Room.
  • View basic information of your Training Room.
  • Switch between garage and Training Room with a dedicated button.
  • Assign players to team A or B. Note: Team kills are NOT allowed in the Training Room.
  • Show list of players and users in a queue. A Training Room can hold up to 20 players: 7 in each team, and 6 in the queue.
  • Status display: “Ready” when players are all set to battle.

The best part is?

You’ll only need to pay for your own repairs. Items used in battle like Consumables, Provisions, Modules, and Ammunition don’t cost a thing. The discounts on repairs you have earned in Clan Supplies can be used in the Training Rooms too.

Check the gallery below for images of the Training Room.