Update 3.0 - Falls Creek Map Update

Tank Commanders,

After being ravaged by countless battles, the landscape of Falls Creek has changed. Few of the old elements we remember remain on the map. Not only does it look different, battles will never completely be the same either.

Change can be good, though. All we need now is to study what's new and adjust our strategies accordingly.


Changes in Falls Creek

A breakdown of the major construction works in Falls Creek:

Bridge Area Reworked

Cover points in the area have been rebalanced. Passages leading to the bridge have been added - one near the bridge, and others from the valley.

Central Map Developed For Early-Game Enemy Spotting

The early ones catch the enemies off-guard. Water in the center area has been reduced. Go to the middle of the map if you want to report some enemy coordinates early in-game.

Better Accessibility to the Factory

Time required to travel to key combat areas of the factory has been rebalanced. The factory area has also been changed, including the transfer of the flag area.

Revamped Factory Area

The bypass behind the factory has been reworked. Several objects were added to flanks to make it easier to move around. A few new tank destroyer positions were added to make it easier for attacking enemy vehicles approaching from either the bypass or factory.

General fixes were also introduced to balance the amount of vegetation and other game elements.