Update 3.0 - Release Date

Tank Commanders,

Update 3.0 promises a new exciting game mode. And a reworked Falls Creek map. Prepare yourselves with new battle strategies! You'll need them.

In the meantime, you can find the maintenance schedule and full patch notes below.


Update 3.0 will be released on 27 July

Servers will be unavailable 27 July from 04:00-07:30 UTC+8.

Premium Bonus

We want to give you an extra boost as you enjoy playing the new content -- 2 free days of Premium account time!

If you haven't tried playing with Premium, or use it sparingly, here's a great chance to play with increased XP and Credit earnings while you battle! And those currently playing with Premium will get these bonus days at no charge.

Premium Bonus Conditions

  • To receive the bonus, you must be a registered World of Tanks Blitz player before Saturday, July 06, 11:00 UTC+8 -- that's when we give everyone the bonus. You will also need to play at least 1 battle during the following time slot before receiving it:
  • To claim the bonus, you will need to play 1 battle during: August 06-07 at 11:00 UTC+8. This bonus Premium time will only be active for 48 hours. 


Note: Only battles played in Random or Supremacy modes count.

Release Notes 3.0


  • The key feature of Update 3.0 is the new Supremacy game mode. Mode objectives: capture bases to be the first to earn 1,000 victory points, or destroy all enemy vehicles.


  • Profitability of Tier V, VI, VIII, and X vehicles adjusted:
    • Tier V:
      • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV: profitability was increased by 10%
      • SU-85I: profitability was increased by 15%
      • T-25: profitability was increased by 17%
      • T14: profitability was increased by 18%
      • Matilda IV: profitability was increased by 19%
      • Ram II: profitability was increased by 24%
      • Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.: profitability was increased by 36%
      • Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai: profitability was increased by 48%
      • Angry Connor: profitability was increased by 29%
      • M4A2E4 Sherman: profitability was increased by 35%
      • KV-220: profitability was increased by 44%
    • Tier VI:
      • SU-100Y: profitability was increased by 25%
    • Tier VIII:
      • FCM 50 t: profitability was increased by 25%
    • Tier X:
      • Maus: profitability was increased by 10%
      • T110E4: profitability was increased by 5%
      • IS-4: profitability was increased by 5%


  • Changes were made to the Falls Creek map: both the gameplay and visuals of the map were reworked: 
    • The bridge area was reworked; placement of cover positions was rebalanced; a new pass was placed next to the bridge; some more passes coming from the lowland were added.
    • The central part of the map was developed for the initial reconnaissance of the dispersal of enemy vehicles; the amount of water was reduced in the center.
    • The facility area was changed; the flag was relocated. Distances to the main battle areas were rebalanced.
    • Players’ requests about making tank destroyers more effective on the map and adding positions for shooting-through were implemented.
    • Bypass behind the facility was reworked.
    • Flanks now feature objects that can be used for maneuvering, and tank destroyer positions that can function both towards the enemy vehicles coming from the bypass and facility area, and towards vehicles that breached the bridge line.
  • A number of maps were reworked:
    • For Lost Temple, the narrow rivers were reworked; the shape of the central circle underwent minor changes.
    • Vineyards underwent minor changes. One of the tank destroyer spawns facing towards the red line was fixed.
    • Flying objects were removed from Mirage, Black Goldville, and Winter Malinovka.


  • Cooldown notifications were added to all Consumables
  • The Improved category in camouflage was replaced with Rare: this was done because camos from the group were not improved as compared with other camos (they provide the same bonus to concealment). At the same time, conditions for receiving these camos are quite rare (e.g. missions).
  • Navigation to the camouflage window for vehicles that don’t feature camouflage was removed.
  • Feature for closing windows upon pressing Enter was added (Desktop).
  • Feature for switching between text fields using Tab was added (Win 10 Desktop/Mac).
  • The “Reloading” shortcut was reworked:
    • The command will also contain an indication of the time left (Reloading. %(time) s left).
    • For guns with an autoloader, quick commands about reloading will appear as follows:
      • "Getting ready! Shells left: %(number)." (when reloading).
      • "Ready! Shells: %(number)." (when ready to fire).
    • If the player does not have any shells, the command “Out of shells” can be used.


  • Bug that caused an error when setting a password for a training room was fixed (Win 10 Desktop).
  • Game crash when quitting the application with a notification displayed in full-screen mode was fixed.
  • Bug that caused a delayed reticle when moving out from behind an obstacle and simultaneously turning the hull was fixed.
  • Bug where a shell did not hit the target, at which the player aimed the reticle, upon firing at vehicles on an uneven landscape was fixed.
  • Bug where a vehicle continued to move when its engine was critically hit (it displayed as red) was fixed.
  • Bug where the player received the “Connection error” notification upon trying to enter the battle was fixed.
  • Bug with the incorrect working of the reloading indicator when using Adrenaline was fixed.
  • Bug with the incorrect animation of the battle command “Reloading” was fixed.
  • Bug with the incorrect working of the auto login feature was fixed (Mac and Android).
  • Bug with the repeated display of the window with info about enabling push-notifications was fixed.
  • Bug with the incorrect display of the discount on Premium Account in the Store was fixed.
  • Notification and description texts were fixed in the game.
  • General bugs and client crashes were fixed.