Update 3.1 - RED CAVALRY

Watch out, German scouts: Update 3.1 will put an end to your legacy of being the fastest and most maneuverable vehicles on the battlefield! Welcome new, faster, dynamic, and vicious Tier VI–VIII light tanks. To meet the new vehicles, prepare your T-34 as it is the entry point for the T-54 ltwt.

Tier VI. MT-25

Save 24,400 on your T-34 to place a maneuverable scout with great armament under your command.

Despite the fact that the top gun of the MT-25 features great firepower and penetration, lots of players will still choose the stock ZiS-4, which is widely used on the T-34. Even though it’s less powerful, the ZiS-4 has a higher damage per minute, it’s more accurate, and, most importantly, its composite shells are able to penetrate 189-mm armor. And that’s enough to hit any target’s hull. However, good maneuverability and high speed allow the tank to move effectively and penetrate the enemy’s sides and stern without using a single composite shell.


You think your fingers are already dexterous enough after playing the Ru 251? When you save 59,150  and research the LTTB light tank, your driving skills will face new tests!

The LTTB is a Tier VII vehicle that could actually be a Tier VIII one. The speed characteristics of this tank are better than OK. This Soviet scout leaves its direct competitor, the Spähpanzer SP I C, far behind, and steps on the tracks of the unconditional speed champion—the Ru 251. Even though the Ru 251 features a high top speed, the LTTB has a great advantage over it at the start thanks to a more powerful engine and less weight. In addition, the Soviet tank is more maneuverable and maintains a high speed on turns.

You’ll also want to learn how to perform a sharp turn on this vehicle: it looks spectacular and baffles the enemy!

This newbie also has a healthy armament: good penetration, firepower, accuracy, and rate of fire. Long story short: this vehicle has it all, so watch out—the LTTB is on its way!

Tier VIII. Т-54 ltwt.

The T-54 is still the T-54, even if it’s a lightweight version. Currently the best light tank in the Soviet Tree cannot boast any dazzling features. And just like its older brother, the T-54 ltwt. doesn’t have any record parameters in speed or penetration. Its main advantage is its versatility.

What will you get if you save 96,300  on the LTTB? A dynamic and maneuverable vehicle with a good gun, able to fight as an equal against medium tanks or act on its own. Unlike the gentle Ru 251, the Т-54 ltwt. has at least 80 mm of armor, which isn’t the best score for Tier VIII, but it still gives you a chance to block damage, while the German vehicle stands no chance at all. And a ricochet turret with a 160-mm hull is surely able to defend you from many tanks of the same type and even from some medium tanks.

The T-54 ltwt. easily reaches and maintains 55–60 km/h and almost doesn’t lose speed on sharp turns: it only drops by 2–4 km/h, while the tank itself hardly ever skids. The Ru 251 and LTTB are rockets, which aren’t always easy to control, and their behavior can be unpredictable sometimes, while the T-54 ltwt. is extremely easy to control and always does what you expect it to.

This Soviet scout is equipped with a quicker-firing analogue of the top gun of the T-44, LB-1. It probably won’t penetrate heavy tank hulls every time, but if you take full advantage of the vehicle’s maneuverability, almost all your shots will be successful. After all, if the T-44 is still a great vehicle with the same armament, the T-54 ltwt. will put up a fight, too.

The three Soviet scouts are already warming up their engines and getting ready to make the enemy a miserable mess. It’s high time for you to start saving experience on the T-34 so you can charge across the battlefield, spotting enemy after enemy, as soon as Update 3.1 is released. Fire up your engine and let’s battle!