New Mines: Made with Your Help!

Let’s see what else Update 3.3 brings us! In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the reworked Mines map. This time, our designers not only used the good old statistics and heat maps, but also worked in collaboration with the most experienced and active players.

Starting with Update 3.1, the test version of Mines became available in training rooms, and, since that time, tankers have provided us with tons of useful information, feedback, and advice. And now we are glad to share the results of our job with you!

«Рудники» в версии 3.2«Рудники» в версии 3.3
Download the new minimap in full size

What’s up with the Mountain?

The outcome of a battle on Mines was always decided on the central hill. This is why slow vehicles could only hope that their allied medium and light tanks were able to win the battle for the mountain. If the team happened to have fewer light and medium tanks than the enemy, then defeat was inevitable.

Рудник в версии 3.2Рудник в версии 3.3

In the reworked version, the mine (aka mountain) became narrower; the role of cover changed, and concealing greenery was left only in strategically important positions. We also reviewed some shoot-through positions facing this area from the tank destroyer line, enabling players to stay longer in the center without fear of catching a shell from the bushes.

The time it took to go up the mountain was rebalanced for both teams; rises leading to the center were made smoother and decorated with new shelters. And the most important part—the base was moved from the hill to the urban part in the eastern flank.

It is still important to occupy the mountain at the beginning of the battle: from here, you can spot the enemy and even damage slow vehicles. However, from now on, the mountain no longer guarantees full control over the map like it used to in version 3.2.

Whoever Owns the Town, Owns the Base

A handful of buildings to the east of the map could hardly be considered a town; to go there on a heavy tank pretty much always meant a trip back to the Garage instead. The new version of Mines features a real town with the base at the center of it.

The base is placed quite close to the mountain, but it’s almost impossible to reduce the enemy’s capture points from that position. A part of the base circle is exposed if you fire from the eastern hill, but it’s a pretty vulnerable position. Vehicles with small vertical elevation angles will have to hang more than half of their vehicle over the hill to make a shot, while the capturer only has to go behind the temple, where they are safe.

Город в версии 3.2Город и база в версии 3.3

The heavies now have an opportunity to hit the big time by confronting their opponents in close combat. Especially, when numerous cover positions have been added to the town: players can capture the base and skirmish without fear of revenge from the hill (but it is better to stay alert anyway).

Camping Near the Lighthouse Doesn’t Pay

Previously, the western flank provided numerous cover positions and a huge firing area (perhaps, only the territory behind the hill remained out of range). However, there were no active battles in this part of the map, and an enemy taking cover in this area usually ended the battle in a draw.

Маяк и заезд на рудник с северной базыМаяк и заезд на рудник с южной базы

In the new version, the lighthouse area has become more open. Some rocks still remain, but camping behind them during the entire battle has become unprofitable: it is not possible to shoot across the center of the hill anymore. At the same time, each team now has positions that allow fire support for allies when they ascend to the mines.

The best tactics for this direction are quick attacks from the rear or hunting down tank destroyers. Such maneuvers will be most effective when all enemy vehicles rush to the hill or towards the town.

Players’ Contribution

Just look at this long list of changes—all of them were made with your help!

  • Vehicle timings in the key points of the map were rebalanced.
  • Map voiceovers were completely reworked; many new sound effects were added.
  • Terrain in the key points of the map has become smoother: no treacherous rock will hinder a brave attack anymore!
  • Passages to water from the uphill area were smoothed.
  • Textures of buildings that allowed players to get inside were fixed.
  • Map passability fixed: now it coincides with the visual representation of terrain.
  • Density of bushes and trees was reworked to remove invisible ones.
  • Several pieces of cover were moved or reshaped.
  • Unplanned entrances to several places were closed.
  • Several redundant fence sections were removed in the town; grape vines became lower and narrower in order to not hinder the movement of low-profile vehicles. 
  • Grass and new effects were added, lighting became warmer.
  • Several surprises were added for powerful devices.

Thanks for your help! Keep it up!

If you can’t wait, take a look at the screenshots of the Mines in the Gallery.