Update 3.4.2 - Release Date

Tank Commanders,

Good news! Most of the camouflages that have been released can now be re-supplied for free - that's if it was purchased using gold/real money. Other changes include an addition to the EXP distribution system in your garage. And supremacy mode has its own stage awards now!

Find out more below.


Update 3.4.2 will be released on 21 December

Servers will be unavailable 21 December from 04:30-08:00 UTC+8.

Release Notes


  • Camouflages purchased using gold / real money can now be resupplied for free. IMPORTANT: Verdun Forest, True Devotion and Winter Celebrations 2017 camouflages will be still resupplied using credits.
  • Players will be able to select a vehicle to use its experience for researching the next vehicle.
  • Supremacy mode now has its own stage award for the number of victory points earned. For Supremacy Medal, all victory points earned in Supremacy mode battles are included. Class IV–10,000, Class III–100,000, Class II–1,000,000, Class I–10,000,000.


  • On the Mines map, the shadow on the mill was fixed, the red line was removed from the hill, the house was lowered.
  • On the Port Bay map, object textures were fixed, the issue with wood planks being visible between bricks was fixed, the issue with a tank hanging in the air when driving on the barge was fixed, white grass was removed, animated waves were turned to follow the direction of the river stream, a visible junction was removed from the skybox, ornamental stones were re-sized, places where vehicles got stuck were removed, passages into buildings and on the porch were removed, unplanned vehicle positions were removed, objects that hindered vehicle movement were removed, certain fixes for Spectator mode were introduced, ability to shoot through the bridge deck was removed.
  • On the Lost Temple map, the issue with vehicle turrets moving on their own when the player enters the stela stairs was fixed.


  • Vehicle tier and control type requirements for tournament team creation and invites were introduced.


  • The same control mode setting is now stored separately for mobile devices and PC.
  • HP was fixed for the M5 Stuart (500 HP for the configuration with the stock turret, and 540 HP for the top turret configuration).
  • For vehicles that have not been purchased or researched yet, vehicle technical characteristics are now displayed for 100% crew mastery.
  • For the PC version of the game, the minimap default size was changed to maximum (Desktop).
  • A character limitation was introduced for the clan description field: max 500 characters.
  • Supply discount on camouflage is now taken into account on the battle results screen.
  • Accuracy of technical characteristics on the Mastery screen was fixed in compliance with the other screens.
  • Time required for opening a clan profile was significantly decreased.
  • Badge with information about new accrued items was added to the Storage button in the Garage.


  • The main issues with asynchronous behavior of the client and server reticles were fixed:
    • The issue with mistiming of the turret and reticle (on the server side). Previously, when shooting during turret traverse, a shell might deviate from the intended path, now it moves according to the marker.
    • Issue with shooting when driving from behind a wall.
  • The issue where gold for mission reset was written off without actually replacing the missions when the player had no vehicles in the Garage was fixed.
  • The issue where negative average damage was displayed for clans was fixed.
  • The issue where the player was unable to enter the latest active channel after re-entering the chat was fixed.
  • The issue with different aiming times when comparing two vehicles of stock configuration was fixed.
  • The issue where the client crashed after tapping a friend request notification was fixed.
  • The issue where an empty receipt was displayed after the accrual of items was fixed.
  • The issue where a change in the Traverse Speed was not displayed after mounting a new engine or changing the vehicle weight was fixed.
  • The issue where different penetration and damage parameters were displayed for the same vehicles on iOS and Win7 devices was fixed.
  • The display of hidden controls on the module screen was removed.
  • The color scheme of turret weight increase was fixed.
  • The issue where shells were not displayed after changing window size and re-entering the game was fixed (Win32).
  • The issue where the Back (Esc) button and mouse-click commands failed to process on the chat screen was fixed (Desktop).
  • The issue where the Enter/Back/Esc button commands failed to process in the purchase/sale confirmation dialog boxes was fixed.
  • The sequence of national flags was fixed for the vehicle filter.
  • The sound indicating the end of a battle when one of the teams won by points earned in Supremacy mode was fixed.
  • The issue where changing shells was blocked after the start of the battle was fixed.
  • The issue where colors were assigned to spawn points instead of teams in Spectator mode was fixed.
  • The issue where the keyboard was hidden after tapping on the player’s name when typing a message in the chat was fixed (Android).
  • The issue where the player was unable to rename their Steam account without linking it to the email address was fixed (Steam).
  • The issue where the text “Connecting...” froze on the screen for devices that had disabled Google and Google Play services was fixed (Android).
  • The base icon’s display on the minimap was fixed.
  • The issue where drowned vehicles were not counted as destroyed in missions was fixed.
  • The issue where the sound of Engine Power Boost and Adrenaline stopped playing later than their effect actually ends was fixed.
  • Notification and description texts in the game were fixed.
  • General bugs and client crashes were fixed.