Updated Anti-AFK Policy

Dear Players,

Fighting with a team member down is quite a handicap to many teams. And it is not nice to play in a team with inactive participants. To make battles more enjoyable, the World of Tanks Blitz team will impose heavier sanctions against AFK players and bots. 

Note: Players with occassional disconnect  or device crash problems will not result in game suspension.

Players caught AFK would be subject to increasing account suspensions:

  • 1st infringement: 3 days ban
  • 2nd infringement: 14 days ban
  • 3rd infringement: Permanent ban (Players can have their account unlocked once, but only with all game progress erased)

We will be strengthening methods of checking AFK players and performing more regular large-scale banning. Don't hesitate to report an AFK player the next time you see one. Here's how to report an AFK player.