Welcome to World of Tanks Blitz!

Tank Commanders!

We welcome you to World of Tanks Blitz! 

World of Tanks Blitz is fast approaching -- after a recent "soft launch" in the Nordic countries -- where it charted at #3 on the Top Overall iPad apps -- we here at Wargaming are pleased to announce that the game will reach North America and the rest of the world on June 26 on the iTunes Store!

A Great Experience

World of Tanks Blitz has great visuals and satisfying controls, both built from the ground up to feel natural on the platform. And it has the same great tank-battle gameplay that World of Tanks has been known for. Furthermore, we intend to keep Blitz updated regularly with free content updates that give everyone access to new vehicles, maps, and game modes.

And of course, World of Tanks Blitz will always be free to download and play.

Ready for Mobile

At release, World of Tanks Blitz will feature:

  • More than 90 tanks from the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union
  • 8 original battle maps
  • Friends joining in two-player Platoons
  • In-game Shop
  • Revamped visuals for water and realistic lighting for vehicle models
  • New post-match camera rotation options
  • Atmospheric sound in battle; localized in-game voices; listen to your own music while playing
  • Facebook integration and notification support including new tank purchases and friend invites
  • Share progress across all platforms with full Wargaming.net ID support
  • Access to detailed player stats via the chat window


Mobilize! The Blitz is nearly here. Are you ready? 

Lastly, keep checking back here in the News section as we give you the latest on game updates, special events, fun facts, and more!