WG Leaks #1

When should we expect new battle modes (assault and standard battle)?

We are planning to introduce new game and fun modes, but don’t expect them soon.

Do you plan to buff the Leo PT A? It has paper thin armor. Any Tier VII-VIII vehicle can easily penetrate its turret/gun mantlet with an AP shell.

German medium tanks generally cannot boast about their thick armor. But they compensate for this drawback with a powerful gun. The Leo PT A will not be buffed in the near future.

Before the release, gun performance of armored vehicles had been nerfed for the sake of balance. But now armor is losing its importance both in WoT and in Blitz. Will such vehicles be buffed?

Balance improvements are based on statistics, not on suggestions. Armor, gun performance and maneuverability are of significant importance to any vehicle. Armor plays a major role in battle. We will not proceed in a direction where any of the parameters will become obsolete.

According to recently found documents, the Löwe had 80 mm sides. In WoT it was buffed almost immediately. Are you going to do the same for Blitz?

Changes in World of Tanks have nothing to do with Blitz. These are two different games.

Why can we turn the minimap off, but cannot disable the profanity filter?

Comparing these completely different elements is like comparing the color red and a scooter. The minimap is a gameplay element, a part of the UI. The profanity filter does not affect gameplay, but it deals with the player’s emotional state. This filter is aimed to eliminate “toxic” behavior so it cannot be disabled as we don’t want our players to see swear words in the game.

Why do I see my gold from the World of Tanks account on the forum?

Because it’s the united Wargaming.net universe with all our games represented there.

Why does it take so long to introduce Tier VIII premium medium tanks and which game patch will include them?

We plan to introduce them, but not just yet. Right now we are working on other tanks.

Are you going to introduce national voiceovers, like in the PC version?

Great question! We are thinking about doing that, but it’s important to understand that it’s quite a large amount of work, which is why it will not be done anytime soon.

Should we expect any XP/credit rate changes to any vehicles or Tech Tree branches in the near future?

We inform players about all XP/credit rate changes. We are not planning to change the rates any time soon.

Will you replace the VK45.02(B) with the Mäuschen?

We’re not planning to right now.

I’ve recently learnt that the British Tier VII heavy tank FV201 was introduced to testing in World of Tanks. Will it appear in WoT Blitz?

We plan to add it, but not immediately.

Are you planning to introduce the Domination mode to the game, like in WoT?

Not this very mode, but we will definitely introduce other fun and game modes.