WG Leaks #3

Why is the quality of some tank models worse than others? As far as I know, tanks in WoT Blitz are not divided into standard and HD.

You are right. There is a difference now due to the higher requirements applied to new tanks. But in future, we will rework the old models and improve their quality too.

Will the next versions be optimized for Android?

Each new version is Android-optimized, and we are constantly working on improving performance. There are many different GPUs, screens and chipsets for Android devices, so it is impossible to optimize everything at once.

Why are graphic settings for all Android devices low?

Well, this is not the case, actually. If you download the game from Google Play on a device with good hardware, you will have high graphic settings. For weaker hardware, graphic settings will be low to avoid scenarios in which you play with beautiful graphics, but at 5 FPS. I am sure that you understand why it is impossible to play in such conditions.

Are you planning to introduce the Tier VI Soviet light tank MT-25?

Yes, we have such plans.

Many players are concerned about penetration rates for the future branch of top British tank destroyers. Should we expect their characteristics to be similar to those in World of Tanks, or will penetration rates will be lower for each shell type?

Don’t worry, future British tank destroyers will preserve their ability to inflict massive single-shot damage.

Is there any progress with the Himmelsdorf city map?

Yes, there is. We are actively working on it, but you should not expect it during summer.

In World of Tanks on PC there are marks of excellence for guns, will they be introduced to WoT Blitz together with camouflage?

We will introduce marks of excellence for guns, but they will be realized in a completely different way, compared to World of Tanks. You are going to like it.

Will the Waffentrager lose its 6th shell for the sake of game balance, or will you preserve the 6 shells?

Yes, it will lose its 6th shell.

Will I be able to upgrade the Gun Carrier by transferring to the British tank destroyer branch?

We can't say for sure at the moment, but we are planning to make such a transfer possible.

Will you add two branches of British tank destroyers at the same time (FV215b (183) and FV4005 Stage II), or just one of them? Which one?  

We will choose one: FV215b (183).

Will you introduce the experimental heavy tanks Object 227 and Object 279 in the near future?

We do not have any plans for this.

What feature will be added after clans?

We will actively introduce additional clan functionality and further develop the clans feature. We have many other interesting features in addition to clans. You will know soon.

Will you increase the number of players for any of the modes?

No, we will not increase the number of players per battle. Maybe we will do this for fun modes, but not very soon.

Will you add the PT-76 and Object 907 in future?

We plan to add them, but not in the near future.

Why won’t you introduce a penalty for AFK players with zero distance traveled?

Such players earn no credits and their accounts get blocked. The mechanism is very simple: an AFK tank explodes at the end of the match, so the player earns no credits for the battle. If such behavior persists, the player’s account will be banned.