WG Leaks #5

Are you planning to start officially supporting different modes?

No, we don’t have such plans.

Will you rework the reticle and quick commands bar?

We plan to work on the reticle, but not the command bar.

Will you introduce a separate chat for platoon mate search? Now the general chat is filled with Platoon invites.

Yes, it will be introduced to tidy that up.

After launching the 2.1 patch, you said that you might introduce the Chinese or Japanese nation this year. Are you still planning to add a new nation or a new Tech Tree branch?

We’re going to introduce a new nation; however, we don’t have any information on the new branches.

Do you have any plans to introduce Tier IX-X Premium vehicles to Blitz, like in World of Tanks for PC?

Yes, we plan to add these.

Are you working on fixing the bug with sudden turret traversing (when you’re in battle, the camera suddenly moves in a random direction, and so does the turret)?

We’re working on that issue, but it’s hard to tell when we will have it fixed.

After a battle, when I tap a player’s nickname in the post battle statistics screen, to write a message through the tab on the left, I get transferred to the friends list in the chat and I have to search for this player by typing the name. Why is this happening and what if I want to message several people at the same time?

We are aware of this problem and will fix it in the near future.

Why has the E-50m been weakened? Ramming was its main feature. Please make this tank more powerful again.

This tank is well-balanced, it doesn’t stand out from the general statistics.

What new gameplay elements should we expect? Will any new game modes be introduced during the next six months? Will they resemble the game modes in World of Tanks on PC, or will you invent something new?

Yes, we will definitely add new game and fun modes, but we can’t say for sure how long it will take.

Are there any chances that the Bombardier medal will be returned to the game?

We don’t have any plans for this.

Will we see the LTTB and the T-54 first prototype this year?

Not this year.

Developers shared information about all the future vehicle branches, except for two: the FV 4005 and the Firefly. Will they be added?

We are not planning to release these branches in the near future.

When will you introduce light tank branches?

We do not have plans for this anytime soon.

Will you release a version for Windows Phone?

Currently we are focused on developments and improvements for the existing platforms.

Should we expect the Japanese СТ7 Chi-Ri this year?

No, probably not.

Will you introduce the Soviet light tanks T-60, Т-70 and Т-80? In what form? Maybe you will add an alternative branch for the T-34?

At the moment we cannot give you any detailed information regarding this as we don’t have plans to add these tanks yet.