What is Girls und Panzer?

Tank Commanders,

If you have been watching anime while growing up, or if you still do, you'd probably have heard of Bandai Visual who brought to us lots of fantastic anime titles. Girls und Panzer is one of them. Like its title suggests, the anime is about girls and tanks. Many tank fans around the world enjoy this series to see some popular tanks in action.

About Girls und Panzer

The story involves a group girls from Oorai Girls High School on a mission to aid their school's financial difficulties by excelling at their club activity - Sensha-do (which means "Way of the Tank").

It's up to the girls from the Anglerfish team to lead the way and save the day!

Watch out for the Girls und Panzer Movie!

Keep your eyes peeled, they've got a new movie coming right up on 21 November, 2015!

One Really Cool Club Activity - Sensha-do and How it Works

We sure wish that Sensha-do existed in real life...

To make the activity safe for school kids, special ammunition and rules are used for the games.

Two match formats exist: Elimination and Flag Battles.

  • Elimination: The winning team renders all opponent team vehicles inoperable.
  • Flag Battle: The winning team renders the opponent team's flag vehicle inoperable.

As a competitive club activity, Sensha-do pits the skills of competing schools together. For this reason, Sensha-do practitioners do pretty much what we do in World of Tanks Blitz - they collect tanks, upgrade them, and battle with opponents.

Read more about the anime on the Girls und Panzer official website!

Girls und Panzer and World of Tanks

We are really proud and happy to work with people who share the love of tanks. You might have seen the WOT PC x Girls und Panzer collaboration before. Since then, we couldn't wait to do the same for Blitz.

Now that the collaboration is in place, we couldn't wait to share the news with everyone! Check back on our news page to find out about the Girls und Panzer activities coming real soon!

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