World of Tanks Blitz is Launching soon!

Tank Commanders!

We're pleased to share with you a great piece of news today - World of Tanks Blitz will be coming to you soon!

Catered to tankaholics on the go, World of Tanks Blitz is every busy tank commander's dream come true. With this exciting new addition, you can now enjoy your favourite World of Tanks anywhere, anytime... at just the touch of your fingertips!

Be it waiting for your friends at a café or in a train on your way to work, World of Tanks Blitz offers you easy access to the game, so you'll never miss out on another minute of exhilarating tank versus tank action again.

Needless to say, tank commanders residing in Asia won't be left out. Come June 26, World of Tanks Blitz will be available to everyone when it launches worldwide.

Come experience these exciting new features for yourself!

  • 90 unique vehicles from USA, USSR, and Germany  
  • Realistic battles, physics engine and sound effects realized for mobile device
  • Intuitive and simple controls
  • Dynamic and engaging 7 vs.7 battles in 8 different maps  


World of Tanks Blitz is now available for iOS users. You can download it for FREE! Just click on the banner below to get started.

System Requirements: iOS 7.0 / iPad 2 / iPhone 4S and above

Note: You may log in with your Game Center account or create your Wargaming Asia account here.

Share your opinion or get more information at the official forum for World of Tanks Blitz. Your participation is most welcome!

Now, are you ready?

Let's Mobilize!