World of Tanks Blitz: Overlord Answers #3

Tank Commanders!

Interested in more insights about the developers' plan for World of Tanks Blitz in the future? Here's a good read about a Q&A session held with the dev team recently.

Hope you find these interesting!

Are you going to take any action against players who AFK?

We do plan to act upon AFK'ers and those who leave a battle before it ends. Right now we are looking at the solutions already implemented in the PC version.

Will the Team Battle mode be introduced?

No. Not in the near future. We will see how it goes.

Does a player’s personal rating depend on the number of points received for a base capture?

These two aspects have no direct correlation.

Could mod developers get access to a new game version a couple of days before its release to allow mod updates to roll out concurrently with game updates?

Apart from preparing for a game release we have to check the server and make sure it can handle the release. So the answer to your question would be “No, not yet”. If we ever have something like a Supertest then it will be possible to test-drive a new version on a special server prior to its release.

When will the Ram II, KV-5, and other tanks offered in bundles get to the in-game Premium Shop?

Some tanks will not be added to the tech trees and will not be available for purchase for gold. For instance, the KV-5 tank you mentioned is included in this category.

Could you implement a tech tree developed by players, if you had no urgent tasks, the tree was logically valid, and your developers only had to revise some of the characteristics?

In Blitz, vehicles are not created from scratch. We do not collect historical references, conduct tests, etc. We take the PC version vehicles and remodel them. Hence, implementing customized player-made vehicles would be problematic.

Are you going to increase the SuperPershing's profitability?

No, not at the moment. We do not have enough data yet to evaluate its current position.

When will the KV-5 be available for purchase again?

The KV-5 will only be available on special occasions. We do not know yet when the next one might present itself. Most likely, it will be available during the New Year holidays.

On September 12, all premium vehicles were upgraded in the World of Tanks PC version. It was more about experience farming than credits farming (+50% bonus to crew experience and from 10% to 70% for experience gained in any battle). Will the same update come to Blitz?

No, at the moment we have no such plans.

Will you rework the post-battle statistics screen? If so, when?

Several post-battle statistics updates will arrive in 1.5, with the exact number still under discussion. We will add a few tweaks to the Team Panel (adding red for destroyed team members, highlighting players, etc.), re-think the HUD update, as well as a few other things.

Will players be able to see whether their allies or adversaries play on Android or iOS?

No. We do not want to encourage arguments about devices.

Will players be able to create group lists in the client to organize friends?

Reworking chat is not on our short-term agenda. We have accumulated a lot of good ideas for future updates, though. We will get back to chat features in 2015.

Will the Type 59 only be available on the Chinese tech tree?

The arrival of this premium tank will not be connected to the introduction of the Chinese tech tree.

Will there be visible commands when players aim at a friendly tank like in the PC game (Halt!, Fall back, etc.)?

It is very likely, but we have not begun work on detailed reworking of commands, which are available in the game.

Is it true that Update 1.5 will offer the British tech tree but without the FV183?

Yes, the tech tree will be incomplete in the beginning. The FV183 will be introduced later.

Several new premium vehicles are coming to the PC version soon. Will they be introduced to Blitz?

They might migrate to Blitz at some point, but don’t expect them anytime soon. First we have to add some vehicles that have been in the PC version for some time.

How soon will the shell nerfing for gold be introduced? How will it be apparent? Will it affect premium vehicles?

It will probably be introduced in 1.5. Most likely, the shell efficiency and price will be decreased concurrently. As for premium vehicles, rebalancing will be offered on an individual basis.

Will the T-54 be nerfed?

We have no such plans at the moment.

In which quarter of 2015 will clans arrive?

It is hard to say.

Will you introduce some tech trees that are not available in the PC version of the game?

It might happen in the future. We could offer some unique tanks.

Will the T110E4 and a related tech tree be added to the game?

Yes, we will add it sometime in the future.

What visual treats are you going to introduce (e.g. traces, camouflage, a working tank suspension, new explosions, sounds, etc.)?

All these things will be in the game at some point. Camouflage will arrive first. We apply new effects and sounds on a pretty regular basis.

Will the KV-2 appear in the game?

Yes, it will.

Will a player’s progress made on the iOS version be backed up and available when launching the game on Android?


Will the chat shortcuts be revamped?

We will work on this next year.

When will new modes be introduced?

Next year. We do not have enough time to implement them this year.

Will players be able to see premium vehicle characteristics in the Shop?

Yes, we will implement a feature to provide information on the characteristics of premium tanks.

How will you distribute the Pz.II J and BT-SV? Only on special holidays like the PC version of World of Tanks?

Correct. Only on special occasions, as in the PC version of the game.

Will the Type 59 tank appear in the game?

Sure, it will.

In the PC version of the game players can mark squares on a map. Will this feature come to Blitz?

Yes, it will appear sometime in the future.