World of Tanks Blitz: Overlord Answers #4

Tank Commanders!

Time for another round of Q&A from the developers of World of Tanks Blitz! Find out what they have to say about potentially new tanks, vehicle balances and more...

Hope you find these interesting!

Will you introduce the VK 72.01 tank?

Yes, we’ll introduce it eventually.

Will you throw in tanks like the Object 263 and Object 140?

Even if we do, don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. We are gradually introducing vehicles from World of Tanks, but it takes time.

Should Android users expect a Pz.Kpfw B2 bundle?

We’ll do our best to offer all or most of the previously available bundles.

Are any maps from the PC version coming to Blitz?

Revamped PC maps will be added over time.

Will ammo rack detonations blow off turrets? Will shells go through fences and damage tanks?

These features are likely to be implemented but not in the near future. I can’t give you an exact date just yet.

Will Blitz players earn experience points and credits even when they lose (as is the case when they win or display exemplary resistance)?

Sure. A similar approach will be introduced at some point.

Which update will fix balance issues with Tier V-VI tanks? Does it mean that Tier I-IV tanks will not enjoy preferential match-making anymore?

No, Tier I-IV vehicles will still enjoy this. We’re still thinking over the balance issue.

Will Android users be able to manage graphics?

Yes. Graphics settings will be available.

How will you name the T49? Will you call it the T49 or T67?

Most likely the T67.

Will you add a tech branch with US E4 tank destroyers after introducing the British Tech Tree?

British tanks will be introduced via several updates. In between these updates we will roll out US tank destroyers.

Why are city maps so tricky and hard to implement?

They are pretty heavy performance-wise which is a potential problem for many less powerful devices.

Will you introduce Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Ruinberg, and Kharkov maps?

We are now experimenting with a city map and might offer one like Himmelsdorf in the future.

Will there be nation-specific crew dubbing?

We have no such plans at the moment.

Is Adreno 330 (Snapdragon 800) optimization on the map?

We’ll do our best but we can’t guarantee anything as many things are not only up to us. Video accelerator drivers and firmware are typical bottlenecks for Android devices. Performance also drops when a device heats up. We’ll enhance the game further after 1.5.

Are players allowed to buy an unlimited amount of gold?

No. Special bundles have to be created as gold is tied to specific levels on mobile devices.

Will the Light Tank M3 land on Android?

We’re thinking it over.

The team kill feature was disabled in update 1.4. Now it is impossible to get the Lucky medal. What will happen to this medal in the future?

The conditions will be altered. Most likely you will have to be within a particular radius of a self-destructing enemy.

Will tanks have icons of nations? Why are they not yet available in Blitz?

The icons are not in place as the decal technology has not been implemented yet. This technology is used to depict things like shell hits and inscriptions and won’t be introduced anytime soon – probably only after we introduce camouflage.

When will the Android version support gamepads?

We are not working on the gamepad thing now. It is crucial to roll out a fully-fledged version of the game on Android. We did not check whether particular gamepads can be used in the game. Moga would probably work just fine (like on iOS), but all devices should be tested separately.

What new vehicles and features are coming in 1.6 and 1.7?

1.6 will usher in British heavy tanks and a couple of premium vehicles. It is too early to talk about 1.7.

Will there be any video series for WoT Blitz? Like “Meanwhile in Tanks” with tank discounts and “ASAP” with developer answers to game-related questions.

Blitz already has a “ASAP” video series. We’ll see how it goes with other series.

Will players be able to see the gun reload time in the aim zone?

It is not likely to arrive in the upcoming updates. All changes and tweaks have been laid out up until version 1.7.

Will the range view be rebalanced?

We are not considering it at the moment. The worse the range view, the more hits from invisible enemies you get.

Will battles be extended by a minute?

No, as nothing will change if they last 8 minutes. We are happy with the current battle format.

When will the balance be fixed?

It depends on the situation. Some deviations are within normal limits, some are errors and bugs.

Will Blitz include any unique premium vehicles like the Pz. Kpfw. T-34 mit 8.8 cm?

They might land later on.

Will you introduce training rooms alongside the clan system or earlier?

We are still discussing it.

Will the friends list be sorted somehow?

Yes, a similar feature will be available in the future.

Can crew names be altered?

No. The Blitz crew system is different from the PC one. Crew members will have no Personal Files.

Will a World Of Tanks Blitz API arrive?

At some point. We have to implement the WoT Xbox API first.

Are French tanks with autoloaders on the roadmap?

We’ll explore such vehicles and try to add some to the game. Unfortunately, some issues including autoloader balance persist.

How will the game benefit from the metal technology?

It will help to unload GPUs and enhance graphics on flagship devices. However, thorough research is required and we are already on it.

When will hits and rebounds leave marks on tanks?

This feature hasn’t been implemented yet on an engine level, but it will be pretty soon.

Does the experience multiplier (X2, X3, etc.) work for both the tank and the crew?

Yes, crew experience will also benefit from the multiplier.

Will skills be common as there is only one crew per nation?

The crew is for all nations and no transfers are allowed. Several skill classes will be available.

When will specifications of Soviet tanks be nerfed?

Only some specific Soviet tank models might be nerfed (and only in 1.6, 1.7 or later), not the whole tech tree.

Let’s say I have a Tiger II with crew major qualification at 100% and some skills. If I buy an E75 or E100 can I transfer my crew there? Can I move the IS-7 crew to my new KV-1S tank?

There is no need to move the crew. If you have a King Tiger with 100% crew and skills and buy an E75 or E100, then all skills will work with these new tanks right from the start. However, the skills will not be researched if the crew is not at 100%.

At first, the British tech tree will have no Tier X vehicles so the Tortoise will be the top British tank destroyer. Will you rebalance its crazy DPM or leave it like the PC version?

British tank destroyers will arrive with a Tier X tank. The DPM will be rebalanced.

Why do notifications display only the last 10 battles?

We’ve set this limit to save memory space as notifications are stored on the player’s device.

Will you add dubbing like “Reloading!”, “Reloading the gun”, “Loading the armor-piercing composite rigid shell”, etc.?

Sounds and dubbing will be updated and refined.

Will you take action against AFK players, by fining them with surging fees for each new AFK instance during the day, or banning them temporarily?

Yes, we will employ a system similar to the one in the PC version.

Will clans be introduced before the New Year or a bit later?

They will arrive sometime in 2015.

Will the game boast the Controlled Impact skill?

The first set of available skills will not include this one.

Have you thought about introducing several packages with a limited amount of gold for buying a particular premium vehicle?

In Blitz, we are not guided by PC prices. Vehicles of the same level will have matching pricing. For instance, Т34 and Т26Е4 prices will be similar.

Will graphics be improved even further on flagship devices (like track marks and so on)?

We’re focused on optimization and studying Metal at the moment, so no further improvements just yet.

Will light Tier V tanks battle alongside Tier III-IV/Tier VI-VII tanks or even alongside Tier VIII-X vehicles?

Light Tier V tanks will battle with vehicles that are two tier points either above or below (-2/+2).

Players often complain about vehicle balance in Blitz, saying that the -2/+2 arrangement doesn’t allow for an enjoyable game in contrast to the PC version. Have you given this issue any thought?

Yes, we’re thinking the issue over and will continue to do so. Various solutions are possible.