World of Tanks Blitz: Overlord Answers

Tank Commanders!

Take a break from the action and read this short Q&A about the future of World of Tanks Blitz, including a preview of stuff that will come to the game in future Updates.

Hope you find them interesting!

Are you going to support Metal in World of Tanks Blitz?

Particles and FX seriously affect FPS even while using top mobile devices. We are still not sure if Metal will become a real game-changer here, but we are definitely planning to introduce more detailed tank models by the end of 2014.

What do you plan to change in the game soon?

Damage of a platoon teammate will be highlighted with a different color (e.g., orange, as in World of Tanks PC).

The base capture bar will also be updated to add an indicator of capture time.

Another upcoming new element is a range finder.

When will the Hall of Fame be implemented?

The Hall of Fame along with ratings will be added after we release the game on Android devices and introduce Missions.

Can we expect the introduction of the SU-122-44 tier VII Soviet premium tank destroyer? How much would it cost?

You can expect to see this soon, the cost will be similar to that of the German Panther/M10.

Which nation will be introduced next — France or Britain?


When will we get new urban maps?

We are reworking map technology now and plan to introduce new city maps in early 2015.

Meanwhile, there will be one new map in Update 1.4. It will be based on a well-known map from World of Tanks PC.

Do you plan to nerf premium shells?

Yes, we do, more information on this will be coming soon.

What is the radius of the X-Ray view?

The radius is 50 meters, the same as in World of Tanks PC.

Why wasn’t the Jagdpanther II included in the German tech tree? Can we expect it to be added soon?

It’s simply impossible to add all vehicles featured in World of Tanks (PC) at once. We plan to introduce these tanks over time to ensure the game remains balanced.

As for the Jagdpanther II, it will be added sometime in 2015.

You announced advanced graphics settings for Android. Will the iOS version get them as well?

The Android version will have extended graphics settings, but not right at release. Our main focus is implementing new gameplay features. Once we grow the game’s core we’ll proceed with UI improvements (e.g., advanced language, aiming and other settings). They’ll be implemented after the game’s live.

We don’t plan to introduce extended graphics settings for the iOS version.

Are you going to buff the IS-7's loading time and gun penetration?

There might be some rebalancing soon, but this won’t be seen until Update 1.4 or later.

We’d like to collect enough combat stats on top-tier vehicles first. We don’t have enough info on tier IХ–X vehicles now. The closest update we can possibility think of upgrading them is in 1.4.

Are you going to introduce HD-models to the game?

High polygonal models will be added in 2015. They will be available in the garage for the majority of devices and in battle for the most powerful smartphones and tablets.

When will we be able to create Clans? How many players will there be in a clan?

Clans will arrive in 2015. We haven’t decided on the optimal number of players in one clan, but it will not be more than a hundred.

Will it be possible to transfer in-game progress across server clusters (from Europe to Russia, from Asia to North America, etc.)?

We will be testing an option soon for players that log in to the wrong server by mistake.

If it works out, we might consider introducing this option for EU, ASIA and RU servers.

Any future improvements for matchmaker?

Not at this time. We will continue to use the current World of Tanks PC matchmaker for the foreseeable future.

Will you add the KV-5 to the USSR tech tree?

No, it will only be available during special in-game events.

Do you plan to bring in the Encounter battle mode to the game?

Not at this time.

If you shoot a high-explosive anti-tank shell right into the tracks of an enemy vehicle, will you penetrate the main armor?

If there is main armor on the path of your shell's trajectory, right behind the track or the crawler wheel, there will definitely be a chance of penetration.

Do you plan to introduce bonuses for tanking and being the best player in a defeated team?

Most likely, there are no firm dates at this time.

Are you going to implement bonus codes for World of Tanks Blitz?

Implementation of bonus codes requires approval from Apple. We are currently in talks with them regarding this matter.

Will you introduce the completion scale for Technical Engineer and Expert medals?

Yes, this will be added eventually.

Do you plan to add the High Caliber medal to the game?

This is something we are considering.

The transmission of German vehicles in World of Tanks PC no longer catches fire when hit by a shell after the introduction of 9.3 for World of Tanks PC. Will we get a similar feature for World of Tanks Blitz?

Yes, we are currently working on it.

Will you support older devices (lower than iPad Air/iPhone 5) after the introduction of Metal?

Yes, we plan to support as many devices as possible.