World of Tanks Blitz Chat, the favourite messenger of mobile tankers, is back in the ranks. Stay in touch with your brothers-in-arms!

With this app you can:

  • Chat with friends from World of Tank Blitz
  • See which friends are online and playing
  • Edit your friends list (add, remove, block, etc.)

You will also be able to add one of the following widgets to your device’s main screen:

  • Friends Online: takes up minimal space and shows the number of friends online
  • Friends Online Extended: extended list displaying the statuses of friends, who is playing the game, and who is online via the messenger

WoT Blitz Chat 1.0 will only be available for Android devices.

This comeback is just the beginning. In the next version we will add even more functionality for communication.

Keep in touch with your friends with the World of Tanks Blitz Chat!