World of Tanks Blitz Gets Ready to Take on Steam [Update]

Note: The #2 Beta Weekend version will be available on Steam at 22 October, 0:00 UTC+8 to 25 October, 0:00 UTC+8.

October 6, 2016 —World of Tanks Blitz will soon be available via Steam, Valve’s massively popular digital distribution platform. In the run-up to the game’s full release, there will be a special Blitz weekend. On October 8-9, players will be able to head into combat against gamers from other platforms.

This weekend also sees the deployment of a new cross-platform matchmaker. Players on phones and tablets have the opportunity to face off with PC users. The choice is in gamers’ hands if they battle those on same platform or join the mixed platform matchmaker.

"We want to let World of Tanks Blitz players get their favourite game, whichever platform they’re on,” said Andrey Ryabovol, World of Tanks Blitz Publishing Product Director. “It’s important that gamers can get the titles they want, how they want, through the quickest and easiest channels possible. At World of Tanks Blitz, this kind of accessibility is key for us, and we’re looking forward for Steam gamers to get their hands on the game.”