Post Feed in WoT Blitz Assistant 1.4

The new World of Tanks Blitz Assistant update is here! The key feature of the update is the Post Feed, enabling clan players to:

  •       Create and edit posts. These actions are available to Clan Leads and Deputy Leads.
  •       Receive push-notifications about new posts from clanmates
  •       Like posts (for viewers) and get feedback from clanmates (for post authors)

Effective communication is important for any successful clan. Clan members always need to be in touch to schedule trainings or to develop strategies concerning, for instance, participation in a game event or upgrading to the next Clan Supply level.

Clan chat is great for communication, but players need to be able to make in-clan announcements, set up online meetings, share information, and instantly notify their clanmates about news. Finally, we have a perfect set of features to provide these functions. Please welcome the Post Feed!

How does the Post Feed work?

  •      The Clan Lead or Deputy Lead creates a post of a certain type: general, battle, training, or meeting. The author puts in the subject and content, indicates the effective period of the post, and marks its importance.

  •      When the post is sent, the clan members receive push-notifications enabling them to instantly react to the new information.

  •      Clan members can like the post by tapping the “like” symbol below it. This feature will help Clan Lead and Deputy Leads see if their post is interesting for their clanmates.
  •      The list of posts looks just like a newsfeed and displays the main parameters of each post.

The Post Feed upgrades clan communication to a new level and helps the clan to become more successful. Update World of Tanks Blitz Assistant now to stay in touch with your clanmates and experience more victories!