Tankopedia in WoT Blitz Assistant 1.6

Tank Commanders!

The World of Tanks Blitz Assistant now features the comprehensive Tankopedia, so you have access to all the vehicle information you could ever want. This will be a great help for curious tankers and commanders, who want to know everything about their vehicles. With the Tankopedia, you can:

  • Discover detailed information about any vehicle
  • Learn the performance characteristics and historical background of any vehicle
  • Try all possible module combinations and compare battle parameters for different configurations

How Does the Tankopedia Work?

The main screen features all World of Tanks Blitz vehicles. To view the information about a certain vehicle, just use the search function, or the filter on the upper part of the screen.

Select a vehicle to view its detailed performance characteristics.

The bottom panel features all modules available for the selected vehicle. Switch between them to see how battle parameters change for different vehicle configurations.

Enjoyed the new features? Follow the news about WoT Blitz Assistant: the team is already working on new Tankopedia features and other cool additions to the app!