Tournaments in WoT Blitz Assistant 1.7

Tank Commanders!

The latest update for your faithful helper, World of Tanks Blitz Assistant, features a tournament menu that will guide team members and captains through clan competitions:

  • Browse results from previous tournaments and prepare for future ones
  • Monitor battle progress via tournament brackets and charts
  • Support your favorite team and see their profile and battle schedule


The main screen features tabs with previous, current, and future tournaments. From there, you can navigate to any tournament and view its full description, prize fund, rules, and restrictions.

Tournament Charts

As clan tournaments are created and hundreds of teams participate in one competition, it will become difficult not to get lost in mountains of information. This is where tournament brackets in WoT Blitz Assistant can save you plenty of time: results for all matches will be stored there.

In Update 1.7, you can view two types of tournament systems.


The round-robin system, where all teams in a group play against each other one at a time. The brackets below show the scores from matches played during the group stage and a schedule for the upcoming battles, making it easy to monitor the progress of your enemies. Experienced captains can even evaluate their teams’ chances of advancing to the next stage.

Single Elimination

Olympic system according to which teams play knockout battles, where the brackets become smaller and smaller as teams are eliminated. Here you will find participants and play-off match results. Basically, you can watch the progress of any team in real time!

Tournament brackets display match results.


This tab features the teams created and registered for the tournament, any of which can be added to Favorites.

Explore team profiles, browse their membership, tournament stats, and match schedule.

Join clans, create teams for future tournaments, and watch the Blitz Twister Cup battles together with WoT Blitz Assistant, your go-to tournament helper. Meanwhile, we continue to improve the app and add brand new features to make your game experience the best ever!