WoT Blitz Assistant Now Available for iOS, Android and Windows 10

Tank Commanders, 

The WoT Blitz Assistant is now ready for release!

Meet our handy and comprehensive app, designed to be a reliable ally for World of Tanks Blitz players. The WoT Blitz Assistant gathers information about your battle performance and achievements, helps you keep up with the opposition, allows you to browse your vehicles using convenient filters, and brings you the latest news from the mobile battlefield, all in one place. The app is available for three platforms in 17 languages.

With the WoT Blitz Assistant you have statistics for all your mobile battles at your fingertips! 

With WoT Blitz Assistant, you can:

  • Track your game statistics
  • Learn how performance indicators are calculated
  • Compare your progress against your opponents
  • Add players to your favourites list
  • Browse your vehicles using one of the six filters, and drop into other players’ Garages
  • Follow the latest WoT Blitz news


Windows 10


Download, analyse, mobilize!


For users in Korea: World of Tanks Blitz Assistant will be available on 28 January, 2016 for iOS. In the meantime, the app is now available for Android and Windows 10 users.