[Recap] Blitz Action Australia: Melbourne Roll Out!

The very first Blitz Action event in Australia was held in Melbourne and hosted by Cvlu and Otorrhoea of clan Australasian Warrior Tank [A-WTN] and held at The Pancake Parlour in Glen Waverley.

Venue images from The Pancake Parlour page.


A total of 17 players were in attendance, including the hosts. Game connectivity was mostly via a Telstra 4GX wireless broadband modem attached to a wideband antenna and game performance was acceptable despite hosting 3/4 of the attendees.

Attendees brought their best Blitz games to the event and battled it out to qualify for the day's prizes.

Two platoons made up of Mehliveat [MEH] and Warhide [EAT] and the [DANK] platoon composed of hongypingpong and Andragonex1 managed to qualify for the Band of Brothers prize by winning 5 games while in a platoon.

Clarace of ACE clan shows full concentration on his Blitz game, bagging both the Ace Action and Full Metal Damage in the process!

Two golden Mastery badges wins the Ace Action prize.

Proving to be a force to be reckoned with on an Object 140 with the day's top damage of 5,071.

The Penalty Shoot Out became a showdown between ClanBassadoR [UQ] and craftysteve [A-WTN], requiring 4 sudden death matches to decide the top 2 placers. In the end, ClanBassadoR managed to win first place, with craftysteve placing second, and Clarace taking third.

Three cheers for the Penalty Shoot Out winners!
Left to right: craftysteve [A-WTN], ClanBassadoR [UQ], and Clarace [ACE]

With the events concluded, it was time for the lucky draw with Cvlu!

ClanBassadoR [UQ] wins a mobile power bank!

Warhide [EAT] wins an iTunes gift card.

StarKill3r [A-WTN] wins the 1000 gold.

craftysteve [A-WTN] wins a Tt eSports Contour mobile gaming controller.

Other lucky draw prizes were 7 days premium won by Baron_Von [STORM] and a mobile power banks won by StrategicPossum [A-WTN].

All this while enjoying the delicious pancakes courtesy of the event sponsors. Win or lose, it was a fun event enjoyed by all participants.

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