Blitz Action Indonesia: TJOK FIG 1st Anniversary Post Event Report

FIG_RedArmy of clan FIG organized the very first Blitz Action event, coinciding with the first anniversary of FIG and TJOK clans. A total of 52 players turned up for the event belonging to 22 different clans!

Blitz Action events would not be complete without some friendly competition!

Longest Winning Streak (Tier VIII):

In the 30-minute event period, two players were neck-and-neck with each other at 5 consecutive wins each. Event play was extended to until one of them had more consecutive wins than the other.

The final results were 7 consecutive wins for bagaswitheciss for 1st place and 6 consecutive wins for Tessa_Purnama in 2nd place.

Highest Damage Contest (Tier 10):

Tessa_Purnama using his T110E3 blew away the competition with 5246 damage dealt to take 1st place. RedFlame_ was a close second on his Leopard 1 with 5102 damage dealt.

Team Play 3v3 (Tier 10):

A total of 8 teams competed tournament style to determine the winners.

Team 5 composed of Bakpao_Isi_Taek, Hugrasena_Pramudya, and LoeqLight took 1st place while Team 4 composed of Danhilmil, fandyfirmansyah30, and 20ChromeFox took 2nd place.

Overall, it was a day of celebration, friendly rivalry, and just a whole lot of fun for these Indonesian Blitz players.