Contest: Extreme Blitz

Tank Commanders!

It's now been a month since World of Tanks Blitz launched. Time flies, doesn't it?

Since anyone can play with Blitz anywhere in the world and at anytime, we imagine that there are some pretty extreme situations where you could be playing the game in. While in the rain, perhaps? Or maybe out at night on Mount Fuji?

Okay, maybe those are a little too extreme, but here's your chance to show us the most impossible places or situations to play Blitz in!

The Extreme Blitz Contest

For this contest, we're looking for photographs of you playing Blitz in the craziest, most extreme place or situation possible.


If you can come up with the best photo possible, you win!

How to Participate

If you have a photo that you think is good enough to be in the contest, simply add it as a comment to the relevant Facebook contest post from 5th August 15:00 UTC +8 onwards.

Note: In order to participate in the contest, you MUST 'Like" the World of Tanks Blitz page and the Razer Facebook page, and have an active World of Tanks Blitz Asia account.

Submission and voting will be open until 31st August 12:00 UTC +8, after which the contest will be closed.

Winning the Contest, Getting the Prize

So how do you win the contest? Simple - get people to 'Like' the photo in your comment!

The photo with the most Likes will be the winner and receive a cool World of Tanks Razer Kraken Pro headset!


*Razer Krakens are proudly sponsored by Razer

The results will be announced on 1st September 2014 at 12:00 UTC +8.

Bonus Prize: Wargaming's Choice

If you didn't manage to win the Razer Kraken, don't fret; there's one more prize to be won!

Once the winner of the community vote has been announced, Wargaming will choose its own favourite photo out of the remaining entries. The photo that we think is the most creative of the bunch will be the last winner of this content, who will receive...

... an iPad Mini!

The winner of the Wargaming's Choice category will be announced on 15th September 2014 at 12:00 UTC +8.

Rules and Regulations

Ready to get started? Great! But first, here's a list of necessary rules for the contest:

  • All contest entrants MUST have an active World of Tanks Blitz Asia account in order to receive the prize.
  • The earliest comment posted by a player will be considered as a submitted answer & all future comments by the same player will not be considered.
  • Players who spam the comments field will be blocked and barred from participating in this contest.
  • Edited comments are not allowed.
  • Dangerous, offensive behaviors are strictly prohibited. Any entries depicting said behaviors will be immediately disqualified.
  • Photoshopped images will not be considered for the contest.
  • Players must be contactable via Facebook messaging and must respond within 7 days of the winners announcement. The prize will be forfeited to the next winner if any contacted persons fail to do so.
  • The iOS device used in each photo submission MUST be shown running World of Tanks Blitz on-screen.
  • By entering this contest, you agree to our terms and conditions.


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