[Contest] Guess That Turret!

Tank Commanders!

Do you know your tanks? If you're an expert at identifying tank turrets and matching them with the correct owner, why not join our Guess That Turret contest that we'll be holding on Twitter soon?

Good luck!

Guess That Turret! Contest

Event Dates: Every alternate Wednesday

Time: 12:00 hrs (UTC+8)

Platform: World of Tanks: Blitz Asia Twitter


Main Objective

Guess the correct tank that features the turret in the picture!

Participation Criteria

Open to all players who has followed @blitzasia on Twitter & owns a World of Tanks: Blitz Asia game account.

Winning Criteria

  • 10 random players who comments with the correct answer and his/her IGN will be declared the winner.
  • Players are required to answer in the following format : @blitzasia [Tank] [IGN] #GTT[yyyy/mm/dd]

    Example: @blitzasia T34 Enforcer #GTT20141029
  • Players are only allowed to answer once.
  • The earliest comment posted by a player will be considered as a submitted answer & all future comments by the same player will not be considered.
  • Players who spam the comments field will be blocked and barred from participating in this contest.
  • By entering this contest, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Note: Edited comments are not allowed.


  • 200

Winners will be announced on Thursdays @ 15:00 UTC+8 (07:00 UTC).