[Contest] British Strongarm [UPDATE]

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Tank Commanders,

We've been given permission to search and destroy. Be nice to your team, you'll need them to feed you with information on enemy locations. Take command of the new British Tank Destroyers. Gold and Premium Time will be awarded to the strong ones who deal the most damage.

More details below.


[Contest] British Strongarm

Event start: 09 September 2015 (start of Update 2.1)
Event end: 12:00 (UTC+8) of 16 September 2015


  1. Limited to UK Tank destroyers added in update 2.1.
    • UC-2 pdr                
    • Valentine AT
    • Alecto
    • AT2
    • AT8
    • AT7
    • AT15
    • Tortoise
    • FV215b 183
  2. Accomplish the following tasks:
    • Win the battle.
    • Be the top player on your team by damage dealt.
  3. No need to submit screenshots for this event.
  4. Only battles within the event period will go into the official tally.


  • Player who dealt the highest amount of damage for each tank:
    • 500 and 3 days premium time
  • 45 winners of 300 and 1 day premium time
    • Randomly selection from all players who accomplish the event tasks.
    • 5 winners will be selected for each featured tank.


  • Winners will be announced within 1 week after the cut-off time.
  • Prizes will be awarded within 1 week after the winners are announced.