[Contest] WG Community Combat #24

Tank Commanders,

Have a game or two with the staff at WG! Show us how good you are and you can receive 250 for beating a WG staff or winning a game with a WG staff tank on the team. This time, the Tier restriction will be from Tier I-Tier VIII. Have you thought about the tank you'd like to use yet? 



Event start: 17:00 (UTC+8) of 11 March, 2016
Event end: 18:00 (UTC+8) of 11 March, 2016


  1. Limited to tanks Tier I to Tier VIII.
  2. Players send a platoon invitation to the listed WG staff who will be participating in the event starting at 17:00 (UTC+8) of 11 March 2016.
  3. Once the WG staff member accepts the platoon invitation, they will go into a battle.
  4. 250 will be awarded to the following players if their respective condition is met:
    • The player teamed up with a WG staff –  Their team wins the battle.
    • Player on the enemy team – Destroys the WG staff's tank.
  5. Players may only platoon with a particular WG staff once. If he/she wishes to participate in more platoon battles, he/she will need to request to platoon with a different WG staff.
  6. Prizes will be awarded within 7 days after the conclusion of the event.


  • We highly recommend that winning players take screenshots to show that they managed to win in the event in case of disputes.
1 Elphaba EN
2 LiquidSnake EN
3 Object_780 EN
4 RyZyz TH
5 Veigario TH
6 Ladygrey_JP JA
7 West_JP JA
8 hoha5432 ZH
9 Scharfschuetzen ZH
10 Piyoduck ZH
11 KR_Running_Man KR
12 Running_Haha KR
13 Running_Geri KR
14 Rush_Blitz KR