[Contest] Year of the Goat Challenge [UPDATE]

We have our winners! Click here to see the results.

Tank Commanders!

When you're low on ammo or happen to be driving a heavyweight with some decent speed, take inspiration from a goat's attack. Those fluffy creatures ram headfirst into their targets, giving enemies a good warning not to mess with them. For this contest, all you have to do is destroy an enemy tank by ramming and you could win pretty good prizes!

Check below for more details:


[Contest] Year of the Goat Challenge

Event start: 16:00 (UTC+8) of 18 February 2015
Event end: 16:00 (UTC+8) of 25 February 2015



  1. Complete the following challenge:
    • Destroy an enemy tank by ramming.
    • Your tank must survive the impact
    • Have at least 50% HP remaining.
  2. Take a screenshot showing this achievement.
    • Tank destruction notice (orange message) must be visible in the screenshot.
  3. Limited to ONE SCREENSHOT per submission but players may submit as many entries as they wish as long as the screenshots are from different instances of causing damage by ramming.
  4. Deadline of entry submission is on 25 February 2014 at 16:00 (UTC+8).



  • Ram II + garage slot (3 winners)
    • (1) First player to submit a qualified entry (based on post time stamp).
    • (2) Player who has the highest remaining HP (by percentage) after ramming.
    • (3) Player who managed to complete the task the most number of times.
  • 500 (10 winners)
    • Randomly drawn from the qualified entries.


  • Entries submitted for the Map Challenge: Rockfield event may NOT be re-used for this contest.
  • Screenshots may be resized to no smaller than 50% of their original size. Other edits made to the screenshot shall deem them ineligible for the contest.
  • A player may only win once for the Ram II category. If he/she is qualified for more than one Ram II category, the next qualified player for that category will be the winner.
  • If the winning player already has the Ram II, he/she will receive the gold equivalent of the Ram II and a garage slot.
  • Winners will be announced within a week after the submission deadline.
  • Prizes will be awarded within 2 weeks after the winners are announced.
  • Don't know how to post your screenshots? Check this guide! Image links will also be


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