[Results] Shoulder a Wonking Damage Contest

Tank Commanders,

About a month ago, Bushka hosted a contest to see who could dish out the most damage. Contestants had to prove their might with video replays. Players from around the world attempted to win in-game prizes. Those with the highest damage in a single battle won a spot on Bushka's YouTube page and special prizes from Wargaming.

To everyone who participated, good job! Especially to HerrMroz from the Europe server who scored the highest damage in two tiers - VIII and IX! Tankers from the Europe server were really strong and took 4 of the top prizes while Asia and North America had a winner each.

Check the complete list of winners and the Top 3 results below!

Tier V

  • 1st Bg2b KV-1 - NA 
  • 2nd Espionage546 KV1 - EU 
  • 3rd Khanboy619 - KV1 - EU 

Tier VI

  • 1st BigBecher65 KV2 - EU 
  • 2nd Martindogger Nashorn - EU 
  • 3rd Bg2b - NA 

Tier VII

  • 1st Tritoke - SU-122-44 - EU 
  • 2nd AJ_007 T34-85 Rudy - EU 
  • 3rd Softarii Panther - EU 


  • 1st HerrMroz - T44 - EU 
  • 2nd Maddox - Is3 Defender - Asia 
  • 3rd HydrogenSulfide T54lwt - NA 

Tier IX

  • 1st HerrMroz - Leopard PTA - EU 
  • 2nd Luzak_Pl - T54 - EU 
  • 3rd Mohd_Haddad - T30 - EU 

Tier X

  • 1st Anuj_Dhankar - Grille - Asia 
  • 2nd Luzak_Pl - Obj 140 - EU 
  • 3rd 0TT0 - leopard 1 - Asia