[Updated] Server Transfer from EU to ASIA server!


Application dead line has been extended to November 2 and 3 premium days will be awarded to all proper applicants! Please be aware of changed schedule


Dear Tank commanders,

We are extremely glad to announce some great news for our Asian players! Before revealing our this news, we would like to apologize for the lack of information on a server change at the beginning of the service.  

In view of growing inconveniences and player’s requests from the region, we finally decided to accommodate account transfer from EU to Asia upon request and for free

With this changes, we sincerely hope you will be able to play Blitz in perfect condition, experiencing real tank battle on handheld devices.

To ensure a smooth process, please adhere to the following instructions and guidelines

Account Transfer schedule

  • Application Deadline : Oct. 24, 2014 →  Nov. 2, 2014
  • Account Transfer Schedule : Oct. 27, 2014 ~ Oct. 28, 2014 → Nov. 3, 2014 ~ Nov. 4, 2014

Please do not purchase gold or premium tank during the process

The process may take longer 



  1.      For game center account, please upgrade your account to EU Wargaming account. You may click HERE to learn how to upgrade your account
  2.      Once you have account on EU server, you need to create a Wargaming account on Asia server. Please proceed at HERE

    Your user name for the Asian account will be used on the Asian server after the transfer, not the user name for your EU account

  3.      Click HERE to fill out request form


Please note!

  • All account information of your EU account will be transferred to your Asia account
  • Account transfer is a one-time procedure and exceptional offer due to dafault server issue at the begenning of service; transfer will NOT be possible later time
  • Once EU account is transferred to Asia, you will not be able to access EU account and all information on Asian account prior to transfer will be deleted
  • The amount of gold purchased by Asian account will be reimbursed to the transferring account
  • Friend list cannot be transferred
  • Transfer will only be allowed from EU server
  • Both EU and Asia accounts will not be accessible during transfer process but they will be accessible during the application period
  • Premium days during transfer process will be reimbursed  
  • If you are unsure of any part of this process, please feel free to ask questions to our Customer Support. Korean service will be provided as well as English.