Blitz Football Event!

Tank Commanders,

A special series of missions will be available - complete any one of them and you will be the proud owner of the Olé, Olé, Olé Camouflage! This camouflage can be used on any map and vehicle. But it can only be claimed once. So complete the mission on a tank that you want this camo tied to. It will appear under the vehicle's Camouflage page.

After completing the mission and claiming your camouflage, you might encounter another football mission again. When you complete the mission with a vehicle that already received the camouflage, you will earn 20,000 instead. You can also complete rare missions with different tanks to unlock the camouflage on as many tanks as you can.

Note: The Olé, Olé, Olé camouflage cannot be obtained on the IS-3 Defender and other legendary tanks like the Pz.IV Anko Special, Kuromorimine etc.


Special Football Missions

Look out for these missions! They will all lead to the Olé, Olé, Olé Camouflage!

  • Warm-up: Play 10 battles.
  • Penta-Trick: Destroy 5 enemy vehicles over any number of battles. It is counted only if your team wins the battle.
  • High Score: Destroy 7 enemy vehicles over any number of battles.
  • Forward: Get in the Top 3 by team XP. Your team must win the battle.
  • Favourite: Win 5 battles.
  • Finisher: Receive 3,500 XP over any number of battles.
  • Derby: Get in the Top 5 by Damage among both teams.
  • Striker: Inflict 6,000 HP of damage over any number of battles
  • Pushover: Destroy 2 enemy vehicles in a battle. It is counted only if your tank survives.
  • Twelfth Man: Rank first by XP in your team.
  • Super Save: Survive in 2 battles. It is counted only if your team wins the battle.
  • Brace: Win 2 battles in a row.
  • Pressing: Destroy 2 enemy vehicles in a battle. Your team must win the battle.

Disclaimer: Due to the probability of getting other regular missions, there is a rare chance of not receiving at least 1 special mission 14 times a row - less than 1%.

Price of Resupplying Event Camouflage

  • Tier I: 500
  • Tier II: 750
  • Tier III: 1,000
  • Tier IV: 1,250
  • Tier V: 1,500
  • Tier VI: 1,750
  • Tier VII: 2,000
  • Tier VIII: 2,250
  • Tier IX: 2,500
  • Tier X: 3,000


What bonus does the improved camouflage have?

The camouflage gives the vehicle a fixed bonus to its concealment, depending on the vehicle class: 

  • Light and medium tanks: 3%
  • Heavy tanks : 2%
  • Tank destroyers: 4%

Can skip the event mission?

You can skip event missions for free (once a day as any other mission) or using gold (if you want to skip more than one mission a day). You can also skip ordinary missions to increase your chance of receiving event missions that have a higher change of appearance during the event term than ordinary missions.

Which Menu Tab can I find the event camo?

You can find it on the "Improved" tab.

Can I sell my camouflage?

Camouflage can be either resupplied or removed, but not sold.

How many vehicles can I unlock the event camo on?

Improved Universal camouflage “Olé, Olé, Olé” can be obtained for any vehicle with which you complete the correspondent mission. Thus, the number of vehicles with unlocked “Olé, Olé, Olé” camo depends on the number of vehicles in your Garage, for which you’d like to have this camo, and also on the number of the rare missions that you get during the event.