It’s getting dark, the hunt begins!

The longest night of the year is approaching. The night when an ancient prophecy will come true. The strongest will prevail.

Night Hunt

Starting from 10 October, two series of tasks will appear in the game: the first and simplest stage is the same, then it is followed by two parallel series of 7 tasks.

As a reward for each completed stage, you will receive extra credits and Free Experience, or Premium Account. The main prize is a Premium Tier VII vehicle: the T6 Dracula medium tank, the Helsing H0 tank destroyer, or both!

To complete tasks, players need to collect a certain number of magical artefacts.

Tokens of Light

Earned in battles, together with XP: for each Combat Experience point, you get one Token of Light.

  • Premium Account increases the number of Tokens of Light you earn by 50%.
  • XP multipliers (x2, x3, or x5) are not included.
  • XP you receive for completing missions is not included.

Seals of Darkness

Complete missions to receive Seals of Darkness.

  • The higher the tier of the vehicle you use to complete a mission, the more Seals of Darkness you will earn.
  • Premium Account does not affect Seals of Darkness.

Hurry! You will only be able to collect Tokens of Light and Seals of Darkness until 24 October.

Unstoppable Dracula

The Tier VII medium tank, adorned in black and resembling a bat. The Dracula’s suspension is under a spell: the tank moves quickly, and stopping it is no easy task. The tracks are protected from the first direct hit, and in case of damage, they restore themselves in less than two seconds. The price for this ability is not very high: the vampire-tank has an increased chance of fire.

See characteristics of the T6 Dracula

Relentless Helsing

The elegant Tier VII tank destroyer with golden inserts, stylish and dangerous at the same time. The twin gun resembling a crossbow is the icing on the cake. It fires twice in a row with an interval of 0.25 seconds. The second shot is fired automatically.

See characteristics of the Helsing H0

The Ritual Hall

During the in-game event, all vehicles will be transferred from the familiar garage to a sinister crypt, where stone statues stand silently and keep secrets of terrible experiments that were carried out within these walls long ago.