In-Game Event: IS-3 Defender Incoming!

Tank Commanders,

The IS-3 has a new auto-loader variant in World of Tanks Blitz - the IS-3 Defender is in town! To own this tank, you will need to complete some missions.

Grab them fast. These tanks are limited to 60,000 globally. During the event period, a counter will appear in-game to track the amount of tanks left. The event ends after the end date or when there are no more IS-3 Defenders left.

The Prize Tank: IS-3 Defender

This vehicle is a Tier VIII heavy tank from the U.S.S.R. It comes with 100% crew mastery and a garage slot. Does it come with its own unique camouflage? You bet. The camo will give you a concealment bonus in battle too. Best part is - the tank is equipped with a magazine auto-loader. But keep in mind that it has a shot interval of 7.5 seconds. A different strategical approach should be taken with the IS-3 Defender as it has its differences when compared to the IS-3. Have fun exploring the tank's full potential in battle!

More event details below!


Event Start: 23 February, 2016 @08:00 (UTC+8)

Event Deactivate: 08 March, 2016 @08:00 (UTC+8)


  1. When this event starts, a special mission is received. Upon completing all 8 stages of this mission, the player gets the IS-3 Defender tank.
  2. Each stage is completed when the player has gained the required number of tokens (event currency).
  3. There are two ways for the player to receive tokens:
    1. Earning experience in battles. One token is given for each XP.
      • The +50% experience bonus for Premium Account is counted.
      • Experience earned due to bonus modifiers (X2) and for completing missions is not counted.
    2. Completing missions. The player receives a standard reward and a certain number of tokens for each completed mission. The number of tokens received increases proportionally to the complexity of the mission.
  4. The next mission stage is only available when the previous stage is complete and the X2 bonus modifier resets.
  5. The player can complete each stage immediately using gold.
    1. When the stage was completed using gold, the next stage becomes available only after the X2 bonus modifier reset.
  6. The player can complete all mission stages and get the tank at any time.
    1. The cost for completing missions is equal to the sum of all incomplete mission stages. As more stages are completed, the cost to complete all missions using gold is lowered. 



  1. After completing the entire event, the player receives all rewards and compensations:
    • The IS-3 Defender tank
    • Days of Premium Account for Stage 8 (compensation)


Compensation of Premium Time

  • Completed Mission stage: 1, 0 Days Premium
  • Completed Mission stage: 2, 0 Days Premium
  • Completed Mission stage: 3, 0 Days Premium
  • Completed Mission stage: 4, 1 Days Premium
  • Completed Mission stage: 5, 2 Days Premium
  • Completed Mission stage: 6, 3 Days Premium
  • Completed Mission stage: 7, 5 Days Premium
  • Completed Mission stage: 8, 7 Days Premium