[In-Game Event] Push Missions - Now Automated!

Tank Commanders,

Enable push notifications on your device to get the latest Push Mission. Completing Push Missions will allow you to earn some in-game prizes! These missions are only available for a limited time. Grab the opportunity to complete them before time runs out.

Now you can receive Push Mission rewards upon completing the requirements!



  1. Make sure that you have Push Notifications enabled for your device.
    • Go to Settings.
    • Select the "Other" tab.
    • Make sure that "Push Notifications" is set to "Enabled".
  2. Once you receive a Push Mission, you will have 3 hours to complete it.
    • Exact deadline will be indicated in the Push Notification text in case you don't see the Push Notification immediately.
  3. Only Random Battles (including Supremacy) will be eligible for competing the Push Missions.
  4. Push Missions are also available for the Window 10 and Mac OS X versions.


  • Make sure that you read the Push Mission objectives before you tap it as you won't be able to view them again.

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