The IS-3 Defender Event Starts Now!

Tank Commanders,

Have you heard? An auto-loading IS-3 is on the loose! The good news is, it can be yours if you complete a series of missions. There's better news - the event starts now! 

More information about the in-game event and tank in the FAQ below.


Event Start: 23 February, 2016 @08:00 (UTC+8)

Event Deactivate: 08 March, 2016 @08:00 (UTC+8)

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the mission be introduced?

A special icon with the IS-3 Defender mission will appear in the Garage. The other 3 missions will also remain available. Thus, the IS-3 Defender mission does not replace any of the existing missions, it is introduced as an additional 4th mission.

What’s needed to complete this mission?

To complete each stage of the mission, the player must gain the required number of tokens (event currency). Tokens are conventional currency units earned in a mission. There are two ways for the player to receive tokens while driving a vehicle of any class and tier.

  • The first option is earning tokens in battles. One token is given for each XP. The 50% experience bonus for Premium Account is counted, while experience earned due to bonus modifiers (X2) and for completing missions is not taken into account.
  • The second option is completing missions. The player receives a promised reward and a certain number of tokens for each completed mission. The number of tokens received increases proportionally to the complexity of the mission.

Don’t forget about missions as they will bring you tokens! Experience earned in battles + tokens for completed missions will bring you closer to your goal!

How often are mission stages updated?

When the player completes a mission stage, the next stage becomes available only after the X2 bonus modifier reset. Thus, stages can be updated twice a day: at 13:00 (UTC+8) and at 01:00 (UTC+8). Players can complete each stage immediately using gold, but they will be able to proceed to the next stage only after the X2 bonus modifier reset.

Please remember that you can skip 1 mission a day for free, but each additional mission skipped on the same day will cost you 50 .

Can I skip all stages and receive the tank immediately? 
You can skip all stages or remaining uncompleted stages any time by paying their total cost in gold. Total cost of skipping stages 1-8 comprises 15,000 . The player can purchase all stages until the counter of the remaining IS-3 Defender tanks reaches zero or until the mission expires.

How much gold is required to skip all stages?

  • Stage 1: 3,000 EXP, OR 50
  • Stage 2: 10,000 EXP, OR 250
  • Stage 3: 25,000 EXP, OR 500
  • Stage 4: 52,000 EXP, OR 1,100
  • Stage 5: 90,000 EXP, OR 1,900
  • Stage 6: 130,000 EXP, OR 2,800
  • Stage 7: 180,000 EXP, OR 3,900
  • Stage 8: 210,000 EXP, OR 4,500
  • Total: 700,000 EXP, OR 15,000


Why is the number of tanks awarded for completing the mission limited?

The IS-3 Defender tank will become a rare and unique in terms of its distribution: it will be awarded to a limited number of players on the server, so players will have to perform their best to get into this list. To become a lucky owner of the IS-3 Defender, do not postpone completing this mission till the last day. Start right now! Tanks may go like hotcakes and get out of stock before the end of the event, so every minute counts. Try to collect the required number of tokens as quickly as possible!

Questions about the Tank

Tank Technical Characteristics

The IS-3 Defender is a Tier VIII Heavy Premium tank.

Does the tank have increased income?

The IS-3 Defender is a Premium tank so it has an increased income coefficient corresponding to its tier and class.

What is the battle tier for this tank?

The tank is allocated to battles of standard tiers for Tier VIII vehicles (no preferential matchmaking is applied).

How is the tank awarded for the completed mission?

After completing the mission, the player receives the IS-3 Defender tank with 100% mastery and a slot in the Garage.

What gun depression and elevation angles does the tank have?

-7, 18

What is special about the IS-3 Defender?

It is the first tank in the game with such a loader. It looks like a classic autoloader, but actually it is not. The tank assumes a new gameplay and has a unique custom camouflage.

How much does the tank cost in credits?


Questions about Mission Completion and Reward

What will happen if the tanks are out of stock?

If all tanks have been distributed among players, the event will terminate and the mission will disappear from the Garage.



  1. The IS-3 Defender tank
  2. Days of Premium Account for Stage 8 (compensation)

If the player hasn’t completed the mission, they receive compensation depending on the number of completed stages. The compensation is accrued when the regular time of the event is over. There is no compensation for stages 1-3. Compensation for the other stages is accrued according to the below table:


  • Stage 4: 1 Day Premium
  • Stage 5: 2 Days Premium
  • Stage 6: 3 Days Premium
  • Stage 7: 5 Days Premium
  • Stage 8: 7 Days Premium