[In-Game Event] Kuro Mori Mine

Tank Commanders,

It's event time! The Tiger I "Kuro Mori Mine" from Girls und Panzer waits to be unlocked at the end of 8 stages. To avoid confusion with Blitz's Tiger I and to pay homage to the school that used the vehicle in Girls und Panzer, the tank will be called "Kuro Mori Mine" in the game. Want to add this tank to your collection? You will need to earn 120,000 tokens.

Full event details can be found below.



Event Start: 15 April, 2016 at 08:00 (UTC+8)

Event End: 25 April, 2016 at 08:00 (UTC+8)


About the Tank: Kuro Mori Mine

In the Anime

The Tiger I makes its appearance in Girls und Panzer as the ride belonging to one of the Tank Commanders of renowned Kuromorimine Girls High School. She is none other than Maho Nishizumi - the sister and also opponent of the main character, Miho Nishizumi. 

Maho's school is known for its long winning streak in tank battles. Being matched against Kuromorimine is pretty much the equivalent of battling a team that has the highest win rate possible.

In the final tank match, it was Miho's Pz. IV Anko vs Maho's Tiger I.

In World of Tanks Blitz

Could the Pz. IV Anko really defeat a Tiger I in World of Tanks Blitz? That would depend on your skills and luck. But first, let's review the Kuro Mori Mine's capabilities.

At a Glance:

  1. Nation: Japan
  2. Tier: VI
  3. Type: Heavy
  4. Credit factor: Same as ordinary tanks of the same tier
  5. Cost: 100,000, Selling Price: 50,000 


Battle Performance:

High accuracy, good firepower, and mobility makes this tank a deadly sniper. Although it is one fearsome tank in battle, you shouldn't let it get near any enemy because it has weak armour on its sides and rear (just watch what happened in the anime). Rely instead its Tier VII gun that can deal 165-275 damage and enjoy its aim time of 2.3s. Find yourself a few good sniping spots and you're set!

Note: The Kuro Mori Mine will be operated by the regular World of Tanks Blitz crew, using the classic voice-overs.


Completing all event stages will earn you the Kuromorimine tank. It will automatically be added to your garage and you can command it in battle right away!

Event Stages

Tokens can be earned by completing missions. You will need the following amount of tokens or Gold to complete the following stages. There are 8 in total.

  • Stage 1: 15,000 Tokens, 250
  • Stage 2: 15,000 Tokens, 250
  • Stage 3: 15,000 Tokens, 250
  • Stage 4: 15,000 Tokens, 250
  • Stage 5: 15,000 Tokens, 250
  • Stage 6: 15,000 Tokens, 250
  • Stage 7: 15,000 Tokens, 250
  • Stage 8: 15,000 Tokens, 250
  • Total: 120,000 Tokens, 2000