Guide: About Consumables


Before rolling out onto the field of battle, take the time to learn about how consumables can play an important role in your success against the enemy.

You can carry up to three different consumables in a single tank. They are available for purchase and installation by clicking the Consumables button in the garage. Each item comes with a detailed description, and provides a single event or match bonus.

Manual Fire Extinguisher. Extinguishes tanks if they are set on fire. Can be used once during a battle.
First Aid Dressing Package.Heals injured crew members. Can be used once during a battle.
Repair Kit. Restores all damaged modules up to 100%. Can be used once during a battle.
Engine Power Boost. Increases engine power by 30% for 30 seconds. Can be used once during a battle.
Adrenaline. Increases reloading speed by 25% for 30 seconds. Also boosts the chances of damaging enemy modules by 10%. Can be used once during a battle.
Multi-purpose Restoration Kit. Heals injured crew members, repairs damaged modules, and extinguishes fires. Can be used multiple times.
Extra Combat Rations / Chocolate / Case of Cola (varies by nation). Increases crew skills by 10% until the end of battle.

Available in the Consumables section, the function of the automatic resupply spares players the trouble of restoring used consumables after each battle. When purchasing consumables, keep in mind that their costs will be dependent on the tier of tank they’re being used on.

If all three consumable slots on a particular tank are filled with items, you may sell a consumable to fill up a space and receive full price compensation for it. If you sell a tank, the price of the installed consumables is automatically compensated as well.