Guide: Blitz Customer Support

Tank Commanders,

Like most mobile games nowadays, World of Tanks Blitz runs almost flawlessly for all players. However, once in a while there may be slight issues that prevent one from enjoying the game fully.

This is where our Customer Support team comes in. Specializing in helping players to solve issues within the game, they have created several useful resources for anyone that requires aid.

#1: How do I contact Customer Support?

The main point of communication between a player and a Customer Support representative is through the use of 'tickets'. Tickets are basically specialized messages sent between the two parties with the goal of solving a player's problem in game.

There are two ways to send tickets; click on the links below to learn more about each method.

  1. How to submit a ticket using a ID
  2. How to submit a ticket using a Game Center account



#2: How does Customer Support help me with my in-game problems?

There are quite a few things that Customer Support can assist with, including account problems, gameplay issues and general queries.

Most questions about the game have already been answered in the FAQ section, so please take a look at it first as it may well provide the answer to your questions. If not, simply submit a ticket and a Customer Support representative will be around shortly to answer your queries.



#3: What does it mean by 'reporting a player', and how do I do it?

Sometimes, a player that you encounter while in battle may be causing a disturbance for others. Such acts include intentional team killing (damaging or destroying friendly vehicles), insults and/or profanities in chat or other unpleasant behaviours.

In these situations, one can alert a Customer Service representative about an abusive player so that they are prevented from doing so in future. This is what it means by reporting a player.

To report a player, one should:

  1. Record the IGN (username) of the player somewhere
  2. Submit a ticket by following the instructions from here or here, depending on which account you use. Please state clearly the IGN of this player and the reason for reporting him or her.


In future, we may be installing a new feature in a game update that allows players to report others directly, so stay tuned!