Guide: Functioning with Fury

Tank Commanders!

The M4A3E8 "Fury" Sherman is a very versatile Premium medium tank that excels in supporting the team. This guide will make you a jack of all trades on the battlefield to be better prepared for whatever comes your way.

Your main goal while driving this tank is not dramatically different from that of other medium tanks: Flank the enemy, help make sure your team's heavy tanks can push through and that the tank destroyers have a target to shoot. However, here are some specific tips to keep in mind when playing with Fury.

Recommended Equipment

  1. Medium-Caliber Gun Rammer: This is useful to make the already fast-firing 76mm gun even faster. Use the increased fire rate to damage the modules of the enemy if you can't penetrate their armor. Still, you have ample opportunity to deliver lots of damage when available.
  2. Enhanced Gun Laying Drive: It doesn’t hurt to give your tank a little boost, especially when you’re trying to lock on to your target! The extra 10% boost to your stock aiming speed can go a long way while focusing on the enemy.
  3. Improved Ventilation Class 2: Why pick and choose what stat to increase when you can increase everything about the crew? The 5% boost might not seem like much, but this increases speed, reload time, view range, and more, all with just one item! Definitely consider equipping this.


The Fury Sherman has a good horsepower-to-weight ratio and excellent gun depression, so try to find some hilly terrain to peek the turret over to gain vision and armor advantages (a.k.a. "going hull down"). The dunes on sandy maps are great for this. Most terrain shouldn't present problems for you, but be wary of city areas, since the vehicle's side armor is very vulnerable and you might get flanked!

Target Priorities

The goal of any Sherman commander is to hinder the enemy's ability to be effective on the battlefield. With Fury's speed and armor, prioritize taking out any light tanks you encounter. In addition, an effective strategy to support the team would be to stay with the heavy tanks, wait until resistance is met, and then begin to flank.

With enough map practice, you can find common flank locations and go there pre-emptively so long as your team is on the same page. If you encounter a heavy tank or tank destroyer that is difficult to penetrate, load High Explosive rounds and use the rapid fire rate to cripple the enemy and call for help. A tracked tank with a knocked-out gun is an easy target for the heavy hitting allies to take out. your priority should be to back away and stay alive until support arrives. When the hard hitting tanks are busy slugging it out, get behind them and take them out.


A pair of fully outfitted Fury Shermans would be a force to be reckoned with. This would be a team of fast-firing, quick-moving vehicles able to take on any challenge they encounter.

An example approach: One vehicle can engage in flanking tactics while the other draws fire in a hull-down position. If a Fury Platoon isn't possible, bring a heavy tank for fire support. The view range of the Fury will be useful for spotting targets, and the heavy will have an effective partner to help engage targets.

Tips for Random Battles

  1. Don't take the sloped armor for granted; it's very thin. Stay on the move and only stop when you have cover.
  2. Remember that you are a support tank -- engaging a group of enemies alone is not advised.
  3. If you must engage an enemy alone, use speed and view range to your advantage.