Guide: How to change region servers in Blitz

Tank Commanders!

As you may have known by now, World of Tanks Blitz is home to a number of servers dedicated to serving players like you all over the world. Your choice of server (Asia, Russia, EU, NA) is usually selected the first time you play the game and usually it stays that way permanently.

But once in a while, you may find yourself wanting to change servers. Usually it's because:

  • You are suddenly presented with a mysteriously new garage, with all your researched vehicles and components reset.
  • Your friends are in another server and you wish to join them.
  • Your present server is too laggy and you wish to change.

If this is how you feel right now, take a look at this short guide below; it will most likely solve your problems.

How to Change Servers


  1. If you're already logged in to the game (i.e. currently looking at the Garage), you will need to log off first. Tap on the Settings menu on the top left corner and select 'Disconnect from Server'. This will bring you to the log-in screen.

  2. Once at the log-in screen, select the 'Change Region' button on the top-right corner. You will then be presented with four server options, with the one you were recently in marked with a tick sign.

    To choose a new server, simply tap on the one that you want. You will be presented with the log-in screen again, now with the flag representing the new server that you've chosen displayed on the top-right corner. You are free to choose whichever server you prefer, but we strongly recommend the Asia server for the best gameplay experience.


Note: Should you choose to change servers, any progress achieved in the previous server (i.e. Researched or purchased vehicles and equipment) will NOT be brought forward - you will have to begin from Tier I onwards once again.

However, you can always return to the previous server and your saved progress at any time.

We hope this guide helps you solve any problems you might have with servers or missing progress!