Guide: Premium Opportunities

Gold is one of the primary in-game resources in World of Tanks Blitz, along with credits. It is important to remember that gold and the premium options that can be bought for gold will not give you any decisive advantage in battle, although they will make the game more comfortable. You can progress in the game, participating in battles and researching new vehicles, without any gold at all; the only thing it will cost you is additional time and effort.

One more thing to remember is that gold alone cannot make you successful in the game. The primary keys to success will always be your own skill and experience as a tanker, which cannot be purchased for money.

Premium Account

A Premium Account is the most popular purchase among virtual tankers. With Premium you earn 50% more credits and experience per battle. This will let you reach a desired vehicle in the Tech Tree quicker and reduce the time spent on upgrades. Premium Account is purchased for a period of time, which can range from 1 day to 1 year.

Premium Account benefits:

  • 50% bonus EXP per battle
  • 50% bonus credits earned in a battle
  • Clean and attractive garage

Premium Account costs:

  • 1 day: 250
  • 3 days: 650
  • 7 days: 1,250
  • 30 days: 2,500
  • 180 days: 10,000
  • 360 days: 16,000

Convert Gold to Credits

When you’re running short of credits, you can purchase them for gold.

The rate of exchange is 1 : 400

Convert Experience

After you have researched all tank modules and subsequent vehicles in the Tech Tree, the tank receives “Elite” status, allowing all XP earned on this tank to be converted to Free Experience for gold. Thus, the experience earned on “Elite” tanks may help used to research any vehicle or module or to train crew skills.

The conversion rate is 1: 25

  Crew Training

You can use gold to train your crew to 100% mastery in controlling a vehicle. The amount of gold depends on the vehicle tier:

  • Tier I: 0 (Free)
  • Tier II: 150
  • Tier III: 250
  • Tier IV: 350
  • Tier V: 450
  • Tier VI: 550
  • Tier VII: 650
  • Tier VIII: 750
  • Tier IX: 850
  • Tier X: 1,000

Premium Ammo

Gold can also be used to buy shells with increased penetration. The price varies depending on the type of shell and the gun. Premium shells can also be purchased for credits at the rate of 1 : 400. Many players choose to carry five to ten such shells into battle to confront heavily armored enemies.

Purchase Additional Slots

Initially the player has six slots; three of them are occupied with Tier I vehicles, and three of them are vacant. The player can purchase additional slots to expand the garage. The price of one slot is 250. When purchasing five or ten slots at one time, the player is given a discount of 20% and 28%, respectively.

Premium Vehicles

One of the most interesting Premium options offered by World of Tanks Blitz is premium vehicles. Using such vehicles, the player earns more credits for each battle, and repairs and ammunitions are usually cheap. But to balance the increased profitability, the guns of such vehicles are usually inferior to those of non-premium tanks of the same level. There are also other drawbacks.

Nevertheless, an experienced player can be quite effective in a premium vehicle, often leading a team to victory—especially because many premium tanks get preferential matchmaking and so end up at the top of the team list more often than regular tanks.

Premium vehicle benefits include:

  • No research required
  • More credits for each battle
  • Elite status, enabling them to earn Free XP like fully researched