Guide: What are Special Missions?

In World of Tanks, missions have always been part of the game to add more variety to battles. Missions also allow you to unlock some cool in-game perks. These missions are now available in World of Tanks Blitz for everyone to test their skills and reap rewards.

Who can complete a Special Mission?

Conditions of a mission (usually a vehicle Tier and Type) will be specified in each announcement.

What do I get out of Special Missions?

Similar to in-game missions, completing a Special Mission will grant you certain in-game bonuses.

However, Special Missions do not refresh daily, are time-limited, and cannot be found on the Blitz game client.

Is there a way to check if I completed a Special Mission?

A “Reward for mission completed” section will appear on the post-battle screen in the "Detailed" tab and "XP" sub-tab.

Where can I find a Special Mission?

Check the news in the top left menu in your garage. Or visit regularly to look for freshly-released Special Missions!