Guide: Victory Conditions

Random Battles in World of Tanks Blitz are fought in a 7 vs 7 game mode known as Encounter. In an Encounter - there’s one base and neither team controls it from the start. Your goal is to either capture the neutral base or destroy all hostile vehicles within 7 minutes.

Victory Condition 1: The Destruction of all Enemy Vehicles

A team wins by destroying all the machines of the opposing team.

Victory Condition 2: The Base Capture

If the enemy forces outnumber yours it doesn’t mean that opposing team is invincible: capturing the base can still bring you victory.

First you have to get yourself into the capture circle marked with a flag and a white line around it. Your team wins once it scores 100 capture points. This is measured by a green bar which turns red when the opponents are trying to seize the base.

Please note: the time needed to capture a base may vary based on a battle location and the number of vehicles fighting for the base. See the following table:



1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • Rockfield
  • Mines
  • Desert Sands
75 60 52 47 44 41 39
  • Middleburg
  • Fort Despair
  • Dead Rail
85 67 59 53 50 47 44
  • Copperfield
  • Falls Creek
100 79 69 63 58 55 52


In addition please note:

If the tanks of two opposing teams enter the capture circle simultaneously, the capture stops.

If a tank capturing the base gets damaged, all its gained points are reset. If the damaged tank was in the capture circle alone, the process starts over.


If neither team manages to destroy the opponents or capture the base within 7 minutes, the battle ends in a draw which counts as both teams having lost.