How to Use Clan Profiles

As you already know, Clans are now available in World of Tanks Blitz! Today, we will be going through how to read a Clan's public information: the Clan Profile!

What is a Clan Profile?

Right after you search for a Clan using the "Find a Clan" function, you can find more information about the Clan, including its description, motto, logo, and some stats about members. From this page, you can request to join the Clan.

What you can find on a Clan Profile:

  • Clan Insignia
  • Clan Tag
  • Number of members and list of names
  • Clan motto
  • Clan description

Note: Clan Tags must be 2-5 characters long and can only include letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.

Viewable Stats

The following information will be available on a Clan's profile page:

  • Average number of battles per day
  • Average number of battles per member
  • Average victory ratio of members
  • Average damage dealt per member
  • Average vehicle tier per member

While scrolling through the Clan member list, you can also view the same stats for Clan members you select.

Note: A Clan member's win rate is colour coded for your reference. Players with lower ratios will have stats appear in white. Stats that appear in green, blue, and purple reflect better ratios!

Joining a Clan

It's easy to join a clan. There is a button in each Clan Profile. Do note that joining a clan is not automatic and is subjected to approval by either the Deputy Commander or Clan Commander.

Rules and Restrictions

  • You can only be a member of one Clan
  • You cannot apply to join another Clan nor receive Clan invitations if you are already in a Clan
  • Clans can have a maximum of 50 members