Update 1.6: Tips from the Team

Tank Commanders,

Pack your bags because in update 1.6 we’re off to an exclusive map—Castilla—and don’t forget to bring your new British Tank Line too!

In update 1.6, tankers have the first in-game British Heavy Line to play around with and roll out into a Spanish-themed map dubbed Castilla. Have some fun in the sun with these cool tips!



A sun-drenched, Spanish-themed map, Castilla was exclusively designed for World of Tanks Blitz. The new map transports players to a hilltop town surrounded by a shallow moat and rolling fields dotted with trees and houses.

While the hilltop offers tankers a prime vantage point, the crowded town square makes it difficult to target players. However, there is a substantial cover offered, and the singular, winding ramp makes the area difficult to assault.

Players may find that the majority of their battles take place on the outskirts of the town square, where circular clusters of houses make for good cover and prime locations to pick off unsuspecting opponents as they cruise around blind corners.

However, you need to be wary of the moats and bridges surrounding the town: the water will hinder your progress, while the bridges will leave you a sitting duck, so choose wisely when advancing your assault. You’ll only want to ride away from Castilla with a tan, not in a thousand pieces.


British Heavy Tank Line

The British are here and they’ve brought a heavy tank line with them. Players will be able to get behind the wheel of several tanks now added to the Tech Tree: Medium II (Tier II), Medium III (Tier III), Matilda (Tier IV), Churchill I (Tier V), Churchill VII (Tier VI), Black Prince (Tier VII), Caernarvon (Tier VIII), Conqueror (Tier IX), and FV215b (Tier X).

For those familiar with the line, you’ll know that the majority of British Heavy tanks (and even some so called ‘mediums’) are hulking, well-armoured behemoths that pack a punch. However, this line soon becomes more modern and a little faster as you progress through the tree. Here’re some tips for the tanks available.



A Tier 4 medium tank. She’s a slow ol’ gal and hard to handle, but you may find yourself sticking with her because she’s the most heavily armoured Tier 4 tank out there. With her top gun, she’s capable of hitting enemies from most distances without much trouble and can easily puncture an opponent.


Churchill VII

“If you're going through hell, keep going.”

And this is the tank that makes it possible. The Churchill VII, a Tier 6 heavy tank, is a big step up from its predecessor. You’ve got far better armour—especially around the turret—and its weak-spots are extremely small. Plus, you’ve got great penetration and DPM, making this tank a standout brawler.



A Tier X heavy tank, and one that offers some serious and consistent damage. There’s high DPM, high accuracy and a very quick aim time—not to mention a high health pool. In the right hands, the FV215b can be devastating. Although HESH rounds may be optional, singing “God Save the Queen” into battle is not.


New Premium Vehicles

In update 1.6, there are also some new premium vehicles available in the Tech Tree: Matilda BP and AT 15A.


Matilda Black Prince

A British Tier 5 medium tank, this vehicle features a 6-pounder gun fitted in the A27 (Cromwell) turret. It has a better profile and more accurate gun, with a rapid rate of fire and swift turning turret so you can easily deal with flankers and scouts. This tank’s for the defender, sniper and ambusher in you, so you’re the one that has to watch your team’s back.


AT 15A

A chunky British Tier 7 tank destroyer that survives only in prototype form and the very first British tank destroyer added to World of Tanks. This tank maybe slow, but its good frontal defences and quick reload time and accuracy ensures that any enemy doesn’t want to stay too long in the AT 15A’s line of fire.



So there you have it: some sweet new vehicles and an exclusive level for you to test them out on.