Meet the Snowstorm JagdTiger 8.8!

Tank Commanders!

Kick off the holiday season by gifting yourself a present in Blitz: A new 'Snowstorm' JagdTiger 8.8 with a fresh coat of white and grey camouflage paint. Stalk your enemies in wintry maps with this tank destroyer and snipe away to your heart's content.

The Snowstorm Jag will only be available for a limited amount of time, after which it will be permanently discontinued. If you are a true tank collector, this is one tank you do not want to miss!


17 December - 5 January: Meet the Snowstorm JagdTiger 8.8!

Event Start: 17 December, 2014 (Wednesday) @ 17:00 UTC+8 (09:00 UTC)

Event End: 5 January, 2014 (Monday) @ 17:00 UTC+8 (09:00 UTC) 

Package contains:

SnowStorm Jagdtiger 8.8
Garage Slot
3 Days Premium time


Price: 24.99 USD